Saturday, 28 June 2008

What a concert for 'Madiba'!

I wish Sarafina and her friends were at Hyde Park yesterday to witness what they had been waiting for many years. In the film 'Sarafina', Leleth Khumalo plays a starring role as Sarafina in the struggle to free Nelson Mandela and for the South Afican freedom. Ms Leleth Kumalo played 'Nelson Mandela' in the concert in that famous film titled 'Sarafina'.

Well, the Hyde Park in London was full to capacity. Music stars and other respected public figures from all over the world, including PM Gordon Brown, were present at the Nelson Mandela's birthday concert.

The perfomance was terrific. Amy Winehouse was fabulous with her hit 'Rehab' and she later came back to lead the song 'Free Nelson Mandela', originally sang in 1988 at Wembley Stadium for Mandela's 70th birthday while he was still in jail. In his brief speech yesterday, Mandela confirmed that he and his colleagues, far away in the prison, heard the voices from London! He was actually thanking Londoners for that.

Mandela said that after 90 years now it is time for the 'new hands to lift the burden' and he finished by saying 'it is in your hands, Thank You!'

It is also worth mentioning other hits which shook the crowd with jubilation. 'Gimme Hope Jo'anna' by Eddy Grant was very much entertaining. Sipho (hard-stick) Mabuse entertained the crowd with the song 'Jive Soweto'. His famous saxaphone was an attraction of its own, and he was supported by the choir from Soweto! Mmmh! His stage show girls were fantastic.

Jamelia, Leona Lewis, Simple Minds and Will Smith, just to mention few, added colour in the concert last evening.

I think that this was a chance for Nelson Mandela to say goodbye to the world in public. He wishes to spend his time in private - writing autobiography and sharing time with close family members and friends after a hectic public schedule after he was released from jail on 11 February 1990.

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