Friday, 29 February 2008

29/02/2008: Leap Year/Date (II)

Why Leap Years Are Used
This page provides the history of the leap year and the purpose it serves.
February 29, 2008
The year 2008 is a leap year. If you look at a 2008 calendar, you will see that February has five Fridays–the month begins and ends on a Friday. Between the years 1904 and 2096, leap years that share the same day of week for each date repeat only every 28 years. The most recent year in which February comprised five Fridays was in 1980, and the next occurrence will be in 2036. February 29, the leap day, has been associated with age-old traditions, superstitions and folklore.
What is a leap year?
A leap year is a year in which one extra day has been inserted, or intercalated, at the end of February. A leap year consists of 366 days, whereas other years, called common years, have 365 days.
Which years are leap years?
In the Gregorian calendar, the calendar used by most modern countries, the following three criteria determine which years will be leap years:

Every year that is divisible by four is a leap year;
of those years, if it can be divided by 100, it is NOT a leap year, unless
the year is divisible by 400. Then it is a leap year.
According to the above criteria, that means that years 1800, 1900, 2100, 2200, 2300 and 2500 are NOT leap years, while year 2000 and 2400 are leap years.

It is interesting to note that 2000 was somewhat special as it was the first instance when the third criterion was used in most parts of the world.

In the Julian calendar–introduced by Julius Caesar in 46 BC and patterned after the Roman calendar–there was only one rule: any year divisible by four would be a leap year. This calendar was used before the Gregorian calendar was adopted.

Why are leap years needed?
Leap years are needed to keep our calendar in alignment with the earth's revolutions around the sun.

Note: The illustration is not to scale.
The vernal equinox is the time when the sun is directly above the Earth's equator, moving from the southern to the northern hemisphere.

The mean time between two successive vernal equinoxes is called a tropical year–also known as a solar year–and is about 365.2422 days long.

Using a calendar with 365 days every year would result in a loss of 0.2422 days, or almost six hours per year. After 100 years, this calendar would be more than 24 days ahead of the season (tropical year), which is not desirable or accurate. It is desirable to align the calendar with the seasons and to make any difference as insignificant as possible.

By adding a leap year approximately every fourth year, the difference between the calendar and the seasons can be reduced significantly, and the calendar will align with the seasons much more accurately.

(The term "day" is used to mean "solar day"–which is the mean time between two transits of the sun across the meridian of the observer.)

Is there a perfect calendar?
No calendars used today are perfect; they are off by seconds, minutes, hours or days every year. To make a calendar more accurate, new leap year rules have to be introduced to the Gregorian calendar, complicating the calculation of the calendar even more. It will, however, need some modifications in a few thousand years. As for the tropical year, it is approximately 365.242199 days, but varies from year to year because of the influence of other planets.

Name of calendar When introduced Average year Approximate error introduced
Gregorian calendar AD 1582 365.2425 days 27 seconds (1 day every 3,236 years)
Julian calendar 45 BC 365.25 days 11 minutes (1 day every 128 years)
365-day calendar - 365 days 6 hours (1 day every 4 years)
Lunar calendar ancient 12-13 moon-months variable

A calendar similar to the Julian calendar, with every fourth year earmarked as a leap year, was first introduced by King Ptolemy III of Egypt in 238 BC.

In ancient times, it was customary to have lunar (moon) calendars, with 12 and/or 13 months every year. To align the calendar with the seasons, the 13th month was inserted as a "leap month" every two or three years. Many countries, especially in Asia still use such calendars. Read more about Leap Year in Other Calendars.

Note: Many other calendars have been and still are used throughout the world.

Why the change from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar?
The Julian calendar introduced too many leap days, thus increasing the number of days between the vernal equinox of March 21, its scheduled date as noted in AD 325 during the Council of Nicaea. The introduction of the Gregorian calendar allowed for realignment with the equinox; however, a number of days had to be dropped when the change was made. Click on any one of the year links below for a better explanation of the calendars and the days that were dropped in order to make the switch to the Gregorian calendar.

The Gregorian calendar was first adopted in Italy, Poland, Portugal and Spain in 1582. This was done by dropping 10 days in October of that year.
.In Great Britain (and America), the Gregorian calendar would not be adopted until much later, in September 1752; 11 days were dropped.
Sweden (and Finland) had a "double" leap year in 1712. Two days were added to February–creating a date of February 30, 1712. (This was done because the leap year in 1700 was dropped and Sweden's calendar was not synchronized with any other calendar. By adding an extra day in 1712, they were back on the Julian calendar.)


Today is 29/02/2008 (A leap year/day)

Leap year

A leap year (or intercalary year) is a year containing one or more extra days (or, in the case of lunisolar calendars, an extra month) in order to keep the calendar year synchronised with the astronomical or seasonal year. For example, in the Gregorian calendar, February would have 29 days in a leap year instead of the usual 28. Because seasons and astronomical events do not repeat at an exact number of full days, a calendar which had the same number of days in each year would, over time, drift with respect to the event it was supposed to track. By occasionally inserting (or intercalating) an additional day or month into the year, the drift can be corrected. A year which is not a leap year is called a common year.

Gregorian calendar
In the Gregorian calendar, the current standard calendar in most of the world, most years whose division by 4 equals an integer are leap years. In one leap year, the month of February has 29 days instead of 28. Adding an extra day to the calendar every four years compensates for the fact that a solar year is almost 6 hours longer than 365 days.

Leap day
Main article: February 29
February 29 is a date that occurs only every four years, and is called leap day. This day is added to the calendar in leap years as a corrective measure, because the earth does not orbit around the sun in precisely 365.000 days.

A person born on February 29 may be called a "leapling". In common years they usually celebrate their birthdays on 28 February or 1 March.

For legal purposes, their legal birthdays depend on how different laws count time intervals. In Taiwan, for example, the legal birthday of a leapling is 28 February in common years, so a Taiwanese leapling born on February 29, 1980 would have legally reached 18 years old on February 28, 1998.

“ If a period fixed by weeks, months, and years does not commence from the beginning of a week, month, or year, it ends with the ending of the day which proceeds the day of the last week, month, or year which corresponds to that on which it began to commence.  But if there is no corresponding day in the last month, the period ends with the ending of the last day of the last month. ”

In some situations, March 1 is used as the birthday in a non-leap year since it then is the day just after February 28.

A year will be a leap year if it is divisible by 4 but not by 100. If a year is divisible by 4 and by 100, it is not a leap year unless it is also divisible by 400.

Thus years such as 1996, 1992, 1988 and so on are leap years because they are divisible by 4 but not by 100. For century years, the 400 rule is important. Thus, century years 1900, 1800 and 1700 while all still divisible by 4 are also exactly divisible by 100. As they are not further divisible by 400, they are not leap years.


A must at Fulham for Man U!!!

Tomorrow's match is winnable (on paper and on ground -no doubt about that; it is 3 points for Man U). So Manchester United should not let themselves down. Remember, it's better to win consecutive matches and see where United will end up in May 11.
Don't forget to add up to the 'GD bank' -that's important as well!!
Good luck!

March 2008
01 Mar Barclays Premier League United Vs Fulham 15:00 A
04 Mar UEFA Champions League United Vs Olympique Lyonnais 19:45 H
08 Mar FA Cup United Vs Portsmouth 12:45 H
15 Mar Barclays Premier League United Vs Derby County 15:00 A
19 Mar Barclays Premier League United Vs Bolton 20:00 H
23 Mar Barclays Premier League United Vs Liverpool 13:30 H
30 Mar Barclays Premier League United Vs Aston Villa 13:30 H
April 2008
06 Apr Barclays Premier League United Vs Middlsbro 13:30 A
13 Apr Barclays Premier League United Vs Arsenal 16:00 H
19 Apr Barclays Premier League United Vs Blackburn 17:15 A
26 Apr Barclays Premier League United Vs Chelsea 12:45 A
May 2008
03 May Barclays Premier League United Vs West Ham 15:00 H
11 May Barclays Premier League United Vs Wigan 15:00 A

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Mama Salma Kikwete!

Nimeona picha ya mama Salma, mke wa Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania, ktk gazeti la Majira la leo 26.02.2008 nikafurahi sana.
Mama alikuwa akiongea na wananchi maeneo ya vijijini. Kilichonifurahisha zaidi ni jinsi alivyovalia mavazi ya kitanzania (kama mwanamama wa kawaida kabisa) na anavyoongea nao kwa ukaribu na kujichanganya. Nimevutiwa sana na jinsi anavyokuwa karibu na wananchi na kuwapa moyo na mbinu za kujikomboa kimaisha.
Hata taasisi yake WAMA nayo inafanya mambo mazuri kivitendo. Hongera sana mama Salma.

Ubunge Kiteto: CCM yashinda

*Nangoro amgaragaza Kimesera kwa kura 8,900

CHAMA Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) kimekigaragaza Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (CHADEMA) katika uchaguzi mdogo wa ubunge kwenye jimbo la Kiteto, mkoani Manyara.

Ushindi huo unatokana na aliyekuwa mgombea wa CCM, Bw. Benedict ole Nangoro kumshinda mgombea wa CHADEMA, Bw. Victor Kimesera, katika uchaguzi uliofanyika juzi jimboni humo.

Uchaguzi huo ulifanyika kutokana na kifo cha mbunge wa zamani wa jimbo hilo Bw. Benedict Nusurutia, aliyefariki dunia mwaka jana kwa maradhi.

Akitangaza jana matokeo ya uchaguzi huo, Msimamizi wa Uchaguzi huo, Bw. Festo Kang'ombe, alisema mshindi Bw. Nangoro alipata kura 21,506 dhidi ya kura 12,561 alizopata mshindani wake, Bw. Kimesera.

Wengine waliogombea ni PPT-Maendeleo ambapo mgombea wake, Bw. Juma Ali, alipata kura 110 huku Bw. Mashaka Fundi wa Sauti ya Umma (SAU) akipata kura 300 ambapo kura 734 ziliharibika.

Bw. Kang'ombe alisema waliojiandikisha kupiga kura walikuwa watu 74,626 huku waliopiga wakiwa ni watu 35,261 na kura halali zikiwa 34,477 na zilizokataliwa kura 734.

Akizungumza mapema kabla ya matokeo rasmi baada ya kuona 'chombo' chake kinazama, Mwenyekiti wa CHADEMA, Bw. Freeman Mbowe, alisema chama chake kinatafakari cha kufanya hasa baada ya kubaini kuwa watu wengi hawakushiriki kupiga kura.

"Lazima kuna kitu, haiwezekani watu wapatao 26,000 waliotarajiwa kupiga kura wasionekane. Tutaona ni hatua gani tuchukue," alisema.

Hata hivyo Bw. Kang'ombe alithibitisha kwamba uchaguzi huo ulifanyika kwa amani na utulivu katika vituo vyote 222 licha ya rabsha za hapa na pale zilizotokea wakati wa kampeni.

Kampeni ziligubikwa na vurugu za hapa na pale hata kusababisha viongozi sita wa CHADEMA na askari mmoja wa mgambo kujeruhiwa na kulazwa hospitalini.

Kabla ya virugu hizo, Bw. Kimesera naye akiwa kwenye kampeni alilazimika kukimbizwa hospitalini Dar es Salaam, pale ilipodaiwa kuwa alilishwa sumu na maadui zake wa kisiasa.

Katika tuklio lingine helkopta ya CHADEMA ilishindwa kuruka baada ua kupata hitoilafu mjini Dodoma, huku CCM nayo kwa mara ya kwanza ikilazimika kutumia helkopta kwa kiichoelezwa ni kutokana na barabara kutopitika kutokana na mvua.

Baada ya matokeo hayo kutangazwa jana, wafuasi wa CCM walishangilia na kuingia mitaani wakiandamana kushangilia ushindi huo.

Kutoka gazeti Majira, 26.02.2008
(Na Mwandishi Wetu, Kiteto

Monday, 25 February 2008

The Cabinet (Tanzania)

President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces
of the United Republic of Tanzania: H.E Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete

Vice - President: H.E Dr. Ali Mohamed Shein

President of Zanzibar: H.E Amani Abeid Amani Karume

Prime Minister of the United Republic of Tanzania:
Rt.Hon. Mizengo Kayanza Peter Pinda

Ministers of State in the President's Office
1.Public Service Management: Hon. Hawa Abdulrahman Ghasia
2.Good Governance: Hon. Sofia Mnyambi Simba

Ministers of State in the Vice President's Office
3.Union Affairs: Hon. Muhammed Seif Khatib
4.Environment: Hon. Dr. Batilda Salha Burian

Ministers of State in the Prime Minister's Office
5.Regional Administration and Local Government: Hon. Stephen Masatu Wassira
6.Parliamentary Affairs: Hon. Philip Sang’ka Marmo

7.Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation: Hon. Bernard Kamillius Membe

8.Minister for East African Co-operation: Hon. Dr. Diodorus Buberwa Kamala

9.Minister for Finance and Economic Affairs: Hon. Mustafa Mkuro

10.Minister for Industry, Trade and Marketing: Hon. Dr. Mary Michael Nagu

11.Minister for Agriculture, Food Security and Co-operatives: Hon. Prof. Peter Mahmoud Msolla

12.Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism: Hon. Shamsa Mwangunga

13.Minister for Water and Irrigation: Hon. Prof. Mark James Mwandosya

14.Minister for Energy and Minerals: Hon. William Ngeleje

15.Minister for Infrastructure Development: Hon. Andrew John Chenge

16.Minister for Communication, Science and Technology: Hon. Dr. Shukuru Jumanne Kawambwa

17.Minister for Health and Social Welfare: Hon. Prof. David Homeli Mwakyusa

18.Minister for Education and Vocational Training: Hon. Prof. Jumanne Abdallah Maghembe

19.Minister for Labour, Employment and Youth Development: Hon. Prof. Juma Athumani Kapuya

20.Minister for Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development: Hon. Capt. John Zefania Chiligati

21.Minister for Information, Culture, and Sports: Hon. George Mkuchika

22.Minister for Defence and National Service: Hon. Dr. Hussein Ali Mwinyi

23.Minister for Home Affairs: Hon. Lawrence Kego Masha

24.Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs: Hon. Mathias Meinrad Chikawe

25.Minister for Community Development, Gender and Children: Hon. Margareth Simwanza Sitta

26.Minister for Livestock and Fisheries Development: Hon. John Pombe Joseph Magufuli

Deputy Ministers and Their Respective Ministries

Prime Minister’s Office: 1.Regional Administration and Local Government:
Hon. Celina Ompeshi Kombani

2.Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation: Hon. Seif Ali Iddi

3.East African Co-operation: Hon. Mohamed Aboud

4.Finance: Hon. Jeremiah Sumari and 5.Hon. Omar Yussuf Mzee

6.Industry, Trade and Marketing: Hon. Dr. Cyril Chami

7.Agriculture, Food Security and Co-operatives: Hon. Dr. David Mathayo David

8.Energy and Minerals: Hon. Adam Malima

9.Infrastructure Development: Hon. Dr. Milton Makongoro Mahanga

10.Science, Technology and ICT Development: Hon. Dr. Maua Abeid Daftari

11.Health and Social Welfare: Hon. Dr. Aisha Omar Kigoda

12.Education and Vocational Training: Hon. Mwantumu Bakari Mahiza
and 13. Hon. Gaudensia Mugosi Kabaka

14. Labour, Employment, and Youth Development: Hon . Hezekiah Ndahani Chibulunje

15.Community Development, Gender and Children: Hon. Lucy Nkya

16.Home Affairs: Hon. Khamis Sued Kagasheki

17.Livestock ang Fisheries Development: Hon. Dr. James Mnanka Wanyancha

18.Natural Resources and Tourism: Hon. Ezekiel Maige

19.Water and Irrigation: Hon. Eng. Christopher Chiza

20.Information, Culture and Sports: Hon. Joel Nkaya Bendera

21.Defence and National Service: Hon. Dr. Emmanuel John Nchimbi


Newcastle 1 Man Utd 5

Manchester United defeated Newcaslte 5-1 on Saturday to cut Arsenal's lead down to just 3 points. Man U lead 2-0 at the interval through goals from Rooney and Ronaldo. Man United added three goals in the second half through Ronaldo, Rooney and Saha. Newcastle's consolation goal came from Faye.

Competition: (Barclays) Premier League

Stadium: St James Park, Newcastle

Line-up(start of first half):
van der Sar

Line-up (at the end of 2nd half)
van der Sar

Subs used:
O'shea for Evra
Scholes for Ronaldo
Saha for Vidic

Subs not used:
Kuszacz, Anderson

Results: Newcastle United 1 Man Utd 5, Rooney(1-0,4-1), Ronaldo(2-0,3-0), Saha 5-1

Points: 61

Position: 2nd

Perfomance meter: 7/10 (V. Good)

Next Matches:
March 2008
01 Mar Barclays Premier League United Vs Fulham 15:00 A
04 Mar UEFA Champions League United Vs Olympique Lyonnais 19:45 H
08 Mar FA Cup United Vs Portsmouth 12:45 H
15 Mar Barclays Premier League United Vs Derby County 15:00 A
23 Mar Barclays Premier League United Vs Liverpool 13:30 H
30 Mar Barclays Premier League United Vs Aston Villa 13:30 H

MAN UTD GOALS! (As on Sat 23/02/2008 19:45GMT)
1.Cristiano Ronaldo-Prem:(21) FA Cup:(3) Champ Lg:(5) =29
2.Carlos Tevez-Prem:(11) FA Cup:(1)Cham Lg:(3) =15
3.Wayne Rooney-Prem:(8) FA Cup:(2) Champ Lg:(3) =13
4.Louis Saha-Prem:(5) Champ Lg:(0) =5
5.Rio Ferdinand:Prem:(2) Champ Lg:(1) =3
6.Nani-Prem:(2) FA Cup:(1) Champ Lg:(0) =3
7.Nemanja Vidic-Prem:(2) Champ Lg:(0) =2
8.Ryan Giggs-Pre:(2) Champ Lge:(0) =2
9.Gerard Pique- Prem:(0), Champ Lg:(2) =2
10.Darren Fletcher:Prem:(0) FA Cup:(2) Champ Lge:(0)=2
11.Michael Carrick-Prem:(1), FA Cup:(0), Champ Lg:(0)=1

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Foster is back, Arsenal drops 2 points

Man Utd's goalkeeper Ben Foster is about to return in action after 8 months on the sideline due to serious knee injury.

“I've got to start from where I left off at the start of last season. I felt confident in myself in any given situation. Eight months out knocks you a bit. You forget tiny little things about your game that you need to think about.

“I'm working on my sharpness and my handling in training now. There's a few things I'm going to work on. Kicking, cross-taking with players around me. I've got to do a bit of that, and then I'll hopefully be ready to play for the reserves.”

Foster can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and United very shortly could have at their disposal one of the best young goalkeepers in the game.

Meanwhile Arsenal have dropped 2 points at Birmingham and they now lead by 6 points. If Man Utd wins later on at Newcastle, Arsenal's lead will be cut down to only 3 points!

I hope Man utd will make use of this chance!

By Mosonga and

Friday, 22 February 2008

All the best at Newcastle

Man Utd is playing Newcastle United on saturday, 17:15 k.o.
I wish them a resounding victory, with healthy goals margin to boost the team's GD.

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Lyon 1 Man Utd 1

Last night Manchester United got a important way draw at Lyon, thanks to late Tevez equalizer.

Competition: UEFA Champions League

van der Sar

Subs used:
Nani for Giggs
Tevez for Scholes
Carrick for Hargreaves

Subs not used:
Kuszacz, O'shea, Fletcher, Saha

Next Matches:
23 Feb Barclays Premier League United Vs Newcastle 17:15 A
March 2008
01 Mar Barclays Premier League United Vs Fulham 15:00 A
04 Mar UEFA Champions League United Vs Olympique Lyonnais 19:45 H
08 Mar FA Cup United Vs Portsmouth 12:45 H
15 Mar Barclays Premier League United Vs Derby County 15:00 A
23 Mar Barclays Premier League United Vs Liverpool 13:30 H
30 Mar Barclays Premier League United Vs Aston Villa 13:30 H

MAN UTD GOALS! (As on Wed 20/02/2008 21:45GMT)
1.Cristiano Ronaldo-Prem:(19) FA Cup:(3) Champ Lg:(5) =27
2.Carlos Tevez-Prem:(11) FA Cup:(1)Cham Lg:(3) =15
3.Wayne Rooney-Prem:(6) FA Cup:(2) Champ Lg:(3) =11
4.Louis Saha-Prem:(4) Champ Lg:(0) =4
5.Rio Ferdinand:Prem:(2) Champ Lg:(1) =3
6.Nani-Prem:(2) FA Cup:(1) Champ Lg:(0) =3
7.Nemanja Vidic-Prem:(2) Champ Lg:(0) =2
8.Ryan Giggs-Pre:(2) Champ Lge:(0) =2
9.Gerard Pique- Prem:(0), Champ Lg:(2) =2
10.Darren Fletcher:Prem:(0) FA Cup:(2) Champ Lge:(0)=2
11.Michael Carrick-Prem:(1), FA Cup:(0), Champ Lg:(0)=1

Tuesday, 19 February 2008


WAMA Foundation is a Non-profit Organisation founded by First Lady Mama Salma Kikwete with a focus on development by improving women's social and economic status by re-defining gender roles and creating more opportunities for the development of women and children, especially the girl. Mama Salma Kikwete's dream is to see the nation develop, where communities and families thrive in better conditions and women and children's needs receive priority.

To enable the Social and economic development of women and children of Tanzania. To reduce HIV/AIDS infection among youth and children in Tanzania.

To improve the living standards of women and Children of Tanzania by creating opportunities for education, skills and financial independence.

To see an increased number of economically empowered women, progressive communities and healthy, well educated children free from ignorance and disease.


Man Utd are wonderful!

'Wonderful football, nice football!', these are the words of my friend, Marjorie, when she saw me today.
She was referring to the last Saturday's FA Cup encounter between Manchester United and Arsenal, where Man Utd swept Arsenal out of the FA Cup by shooting them 4-0. It was really like a training session for Man Utd.
She went on to say, 'I didn't know anything about Manchester United until I met you!!'.
Interesting news, isn't it?
Then I asked her to join Manchester United, as she wouldn't regret such a decision in life!
Keep Up you Red Devils!!!

Ukarimu wa Bush umenigusa

Jamani Rais wa Marekani amenigusa sana kwa jinsi alivyotujali na kutuheshimu watanzania.
Kuanzia ukarimu na ucheshi wake hadi misaada aliyoitoa kwa nchi yetu. Hasa lengo lake ni kuwasaidia wanyonge.
Ningependa kuona hizo fedha alizoahidi kutusaidia zinaelekezwa kule kulikotarajiwa. Wahusika kazi kwenu.
Misaada hiyo kama ilivyoripotiwa ni;

1. Dola za Marekani milioni 698 (zaidi ya sh. bilioni 700) chini ya Mpango wa Changamoto za Milenia (MCC)* kwa ajili ya kusaidia miradi mbalimbali ikiwemo ya kutokemeza malaria, UKIMWI na kuimarisha miundombinu.
Mbali na kusaidia kusaidia kutokomeza magonjwa hayo pesa hizo zitasaidia kuimarisha miundombinu ya barabara na sekta ya nishati ambapo kati ya fedha hizo,jumla ya dola 206 zitashughulikia upatikanaji wa umeme na dola 166 zitaelekezwa kuhakikisha upatikanaji wa maji safi na salama.

Msaada huo ni wa aina yake kwani haujawahi kutolewa na Marekani kwa nchi yoyote kwa wakati mmoja na unatarajiwa kunufaisha zaidi ya Watanzania milioni 4.8

Pesa zilizotolewa jana, zinaweza kujenga viwanja 12 vya michezo vya kisasa mithili ya ule wa Taifa uliojengwa hivi karibuni, jijini Dar es Salaam kwa gharama ya sh. bilioni 56.

Sambamba na Tanzania, nchi zingine zitakazonufaika na msaada wa Marekani ni Benin iliyopata dola milioni 307, Rwanda itakayopata dola zaidi ya milioni 17, Ghana dola milioni 547 na Liberia dola milioni 156.

2. vyandarua milioni 5.2 kama sehemu ya kampeni yake ya kupambana na malaria Afrika, Kusini mwa Jangwa la Sahara.

Rais Bush alitangaza mpango wake huo jana katika hospitali moja jijini hapa jana katika siku yake ya tatu ya ziara yake katika nchi tano za Afrika.

Alisema nchi yake itahakikisha kila mtoto wa Tanzania mwenye umri wa mwaka mmoja hadi mitano, anapata chandarua.

Malaria ni chanzo kikuu cha vifo kwa watoto barani Afrika na inaua mtoto kila baada ya sekunde 30, takwimu za Umoja wa Mataifa zinasema.

Marekani, Tanzania na Mfuko wa Dunia wa Kupambana na UKIMWI, kifua kikuu na malaria, ndio watakaosimamia usambazaji wa vyandarua hiyo.

"Hii ni moja ya teknolojia rahisi, lakini inayofanya kazi sana," alisema Rais Bush baada ya kutembelea hospitali ya wilaya ya Meru, Arusha jana.

"Ni jambo lisilokubalika kwa watu katika Afrika, kuona familia zao zikiangamia na uchumi kudorora.

"Haikubaliki kwa watu nchini Marekani ambao wanaamini kuwa maisha ya kila mtu yana thamani na kwamba uwezo wa kuokoa maisha unatokana na dhamira ya dhati," alisema.

*MCC - Millenium Challenge Cooperation
(by mosonga with news extracts from

Should I call them 'thieves?'

Quite often I receive e-mails from con-men who are interested in stealing someone's identity. Please beware of such mails and the good idea is NOT to reply them in any way - Just delete them!
I know nobody can win a game he/she hasn't participated! And if these people, who call me a winner, are kind enough I advise them to pay the amount 'I have won' to any charity of their own choice wherever in the world.
See below the e-mails I am talking about!!! (Remember: Don't communicate with them, just ignore their requests!!):

We are happy to announce that you are one of our Lucky Four(4)Star
Prize Winner in this months edition of the Swiss Lottery in England.
makes you a proud winner of a cah prize of £750,000.00 To claim your
prize it is important that you acknowledge the receipt of this
correspondence your Full Name: Full Address: to our claims officer.Mr
Micheal Anderson.(

We wish to inform you that you have won a and a cash price of
£1,350,000.00GBP from the draws that was held on 16th February
2008, by the Irish Online Promotion Board. Please contact claim agent
Mr Alan Brian via email:
with your 1.Full Legal names 2.Occupation 3.Tel. number

Best Regards
Mr Alan Brian.

Your E-Address was selected for category B in this weeks IRISH NATIONAL

Please contact the programm co-ordinator with your
Name..,Address.,Age..,Phone,and Occupation.., And we shall give you full details on how you
won the lottery. Your draw has a total value of Four Hundred and Fifty
thousand pounds sterling,(£450,000.00).Name: Mr.Robert


19th / FEBRUARY / 2008





(1) TICKET NUMBER: 857-58-34-001-6358
(2) SERIAL NUMBER: BATCH/548500023
(3) LUCKY DRAW NUMBER: 2007/2589-630/14501









*I say, 'go away you rats!'

Monday, 18 February 2008

George Bush ndani ya TZ

Rais wa Marekani, Bw. George Bush, amepongeza utawala wa Rais Jakaya Kikwete kwamba umeonyesha kwa dhati na kwa vitendo kupambana na ufisadi nchini.

``Wewe ni mtu mzuri Bw. Rais, ninajisikia furaja kukuita rafiki,`` Bush alimwambia Kikwete, huku ndege aina ya tausi wakionekana kukonga nyoyo za wageni wengi waliohudhuria sherehe hiyo mbele ya ofisi za Ikulu jijini Dar es Salaam.

Ilikuwa ni muda mfupi baada ya kutia saini mkataba wa dola za Marekani milioni 698 kwa ajili ya kusaidia miradi mbalimbali ya maendeleo zikiwemo barabara, afya na umeme nchini.

Pesa hizo zinatoka kwenye mfuko uitwao Millenium Challenge Corporation (MCC) ambao ulianzishwa na uongozi wa Rais Bush mwaka 2002.

Nchi zinazopewa pesa kutoka katika mfuko huo ni zile zinazoonekana kuendesha utawala bora, kuwekeza katika elimu, kuendeleza ujasiriamali, mazingira pamoja na sera nzuri za kiuchumi.

Kiasi kilichosainiwa jana kinaelezwa kuwa ndicho kikubwa zaidi kutolewa na mfuko huo.

``Matumaini yangu ni kwamba msaada huu utakuwa sehemu muhimu katika juhudi za kuendeleza baadhi ya maeneo ya nchi hii,`` alisema Rais Bush.

Alisema Rais Kikwete ni mtawala mzuri na shupavu na ameweza kupambana na rushwa na akaahidi kuwa Marekani mbali ya kuendeleza uhusiano na nchi za Afrika, lakini Tanzania itakuwa rafiki mkubwa.

Kwa mujibu wa Bw. Bush, chini ya utawala wake alifanikisha mara mbili kwa nchi za Afrika ikiwemo Tanzania kufutiwa madeni ikiwa ni pamoja na kuongeza misaada kwa nchi hizo.

Rais Kikwete kwa upande wake alimuomba Rais Bush kuwa hata kipindi chake cha urais kikimalizika, atakayempokea aendeleze mahusiano mazuri na Tanzania.

Ombi ambalo lilikubaliwa na Rais Bush na kueleza kuwa Marekani ina mapenzi ya dhati na nchi za Afrika.

Kuhusu msaada huo wa dola milioni 698, Rais Bush alisema wanakusudia kuanzisha programu maalum ya miaka minne ya kutoa misaada kwa nchi za Afrika ikiwemo Tanzania.

Rais Kikwete alisema maelfu ya Watanzania wangekuwa wamekufa kama si mpango ulioanzishwa na Rais Bush katika kupambana na malaria na Ukimwi duniani kote.

"Utakumbukwa sana kwa vizazi vingi vijavyo kwa mambo mazuri ambayo umeifanyia Tanzania na mengi mazuri ambayo umeifanyia Afrika," alisema Rais Kikwete.

Alipoulizwa kuhusu uwezekano wa kiongozi wa chama Democrat nchini Marekani, Barack Obama, ambaye baba yake anatokea Kenya kushinda urais wa nchi hiyo, Rais Kikwete alisema: ``Ni kweli watu wanaongea kwa matumaini kuhusu Obama, lakini kikubwa kwetu ni kwamba Rais Bush yuko katika kumalizia muda wake na Marekani itapata rais mwingine, yeyote yule watakayempata.``

``Kwetu sisi, kitu muhimu zaidi ni, kama yeye (Obama ama mwingine atakayechaguliwa) atakuwa rafiki wa Bara la Afrika kama Rais Bush.``

Wakati akianza kuzungumza na waandishi wa habari, jana, Rais Bush aliwasalimia kwa Kiswahili: ``mambo`` salamu ambayo iliangua vicheko kwa watu waliohudhuria hafla hiyo ambao waliitikia, `poa``

Rais Bush na mkewe Laura pia jana walitembelea hospitali ya Amana jijini Dar es Salaam ambayo inapata msaada wa Marekani.

Rais Bush pia jana alikutana na familia zilizoathirika na shambulizi la mabomu ya al Qaeda katika Ubalozi wa Marekani jijini Dar es Salaam mwaka 1998.

Jana, kama kawaida, makachero wa Marekani walitawala kila kona ya Ikulu na ndiyo yaliyokuwa yakiendesha upekuzi kwa watu waliokuwa wakiingia.

Rais Bush aliingia nchini juzi saa 12:35 jioni na kufanya eneo la uwanja wa ndege wa zamani kutawaliwa na makachero wake ambao walisheheni vifaa vya usalama na mawasiliano kila kona ya uwanja huo.

Makachero hao wakiwa na mbwa, walionekana hata juu ya majengo ya uwanja huo na hata ulinzi wa polisi wa Tanzania ulikuwa mdogo kwani walionekana wachache sana uwanjani hapo na badala yake walijazwa kwenye barabara alizopita Rais huyo.

Hii ni mara ya pili kwa Rais Bush kuzuru bara la Afrika toka aingie madarakani.
Agosti, 2000 aliyekuwa Rais wa nchi hiyo, Bw. Bill Clinton alitembelea Tanzania ambapo alifikia mkoani Arusha kwa ajili ya kusaini mkataba wa amani kati ya vikundi vilivyokuwa vikipingana serikali ya Burundi ambayo kwa wakati huo ilikuwa madarakani.

Rais Bush anatarajiwa kuondoka nchini kesho kuelekea nchini Rwanda na baadaye ataelekea nchi za Ghana na Liberia kwa ziara kama ya Tanzania.

* SOURCE: Nipashe, 18 Feb 2008
By Dunstan Bahai

FA Cup: Man Utd 4 Arsenal 0

Manchester United flashed Arsenal out of the FA Cup on Saturday in a one-way contest which saw Man Utd having 13 attempts on target while Arsenal had none!!
United dominated the entire game and there was no danger at Van der Sar's goal throughout the 90 minutes.

Stadium: OT

Competition: FA Cup

Man Utd's Line-up:
van der Sar

Used subs:
Saha for Rooney
Scholes for Anderson

Subs not used:
Kuszacz, Hargreaves, Tevez

Results: Man Utd 4 Arsenal 0 (Rooney 1-0, Fletcher 2-0, 4-0, Nani 3-0)

Performance meter: 8/10 (Very Good)

Next Matches:
20 Feb UEFA Champions League United Vs Olympique Lyonnais 19:45 A
23 Feb Barclays Premier League United Vs Newcastle 17:15 A
March 2008
01 Mar Barclays Premier League United Vs Fulham 15:00 A
04 Mar UEFA Champions League United Vs Olympique Lyonnais 19:45 H
09 Mar Barclays Premier League United Vs Bolton 13:30 H
15 Mar Barclays Premier League United Vs Derby County 15:00 A
23 Mar Barclays Premier League United Vs Liverpool 13:30 H
30 Mar Barclays Premier League United Vs Aston Villa 13:30 H

MAN UTD GOALS! (As on Sat 16/02/2008 19:45GMT)
Cristiano Ronaldo-Prem:(19) FA Cup:(3) Champ Lg:(5) =27
Carlos Tevez-Prem:(11) FA Cup:(1)Cham Lg:(2) =14
Wayne Rooney-Prem:(6) FA Cup:(2) Champ Lg:(3) =11
Louis Saha-Prem:(4) Champ Lg:(0) =4
Rio Ferdinand:Prem:(2) Champ Lg:(1) =3
Nani-Prem:(2) FA Cup:(1) Champ Lg:(0) =3
Nemanja Vidic-Prem:(2) Champ Lg:(0) =2
Ryan Giggs-Pre:(2) Champ Lge:(0) =2
Gerard Pique- Prem:(0), Champ Lg:(2) =2
Darren Fletcher:Prem:(0) FA Cup:(2) Champ Lge:(0)=2
Michael Carrick-Prem:(1), FA Cup:(0), Champ Lg:(0)=1

Mama Salma Kikwete, Mama Raula Bush

Laura Bush, mke wa Rais George Bush wa Marekani, amekemea vitendo vya unyanyapaa na ubaguzi dhidi ya watoto wanaoishi na virusi vya Ukimwi.

Alisema vitendo vya aina hiyo, vinachangia kuwafanya watoto hao, kukosa matumaini, licha ya kuwa na ndoto za maisha bora ya baadaye.

Bi. Laura aliyasema hayo jana jijini Dar es Salaam, alipoungana na mke wa Rais Jakaya Kikwete, Salma Kikwete, kuzindua Mpango Kazi wa Huduma za Watoto wanaoishi katika mazingira hatarishi kwa kipindi cha mwaka huu hadi 2010.

Hafla hiyo ilifanyika katika ofisi za makao makuu ya taasisi ya Wanawake na Maendeleo (WAMA), inayoongozwa na Mama Salma.

Ilihudhuriwa na watu mbalimbali akiwamo mke wa Waziri Mkuu, Bi. Tunu Pinda, baadhi ya mawaziri wanawake, wake za marais wastaafu, Mama Maria Nyerere, Sitti Mwinyi, Anna Mkapa na mke wa aliyekuwa Waziri Mkuu, Bi. Regina Lowassa.

Awali, Bi. Laura alimkabidhi Bi. Salma funguo za gari la wagonjwa, lililotolewa na Shirika la Maendeleo ya Kimataifa la Marekani (USAID) kwa WAMA.

Kabla ya kukabidhi funguo hizo, Bi. Laura, alimpongeza Rais Kikwete na mkewe kwa jitihada na ushiriki wao katika vita dhidi ya virusi vya Ukimwi na Ukimwi.

Alisema gari hilo litasaidia kupunguza kadhia zinazowapata wagonjwa hususani waliopo maeneo ya vijijini ambapo WAMA inaratibu miradi ya afya.

Kwa upande wake Bi. Salma, alisema tatifi mbalimbali zinaonyesha kuwapo ongezeko la watoto wanaoishi katika mazingira magumu, inakadiriwa kuwa ifikapo mwaka 2010, idadi hiyo itafikia milioni nne.

Bi. Salma, alisema jamii imekuwa na utamaduni wa kuwalinda na kuwahudumia watoto yatima na wanaoishi kwenye mazingira hatarishi.

``Ukoo, udugu wa karibu umekuwa nguzo imara kwenye jamii katika kulinda, kutunza na kutoa mahitaji ya lazima kwa watoto hao,`` alisema.

Hata hivyo, alisema utamaduni huo wenye usalama umeanza kudhoofika kutokana na sababu mbalimbali zikiwamo ongezeko la vifo vya wazazi kutokana na Ukimwi, umasikini uliokithiri unaokwaza jamii kuendelea kutoa huduma bora kwa watoto na ndugu zao.

* SOURCE: Nipashe, 18 Feb 2008
By Mashaka Mgeta

Mke wa Rais Bush Mama Laura Bush ameeleza kuridhishwa kwake na jitihada mbalimbali zinazofanywa na Serikali ya Tanzania katika kukabiliana na ongezeko maambukizi ya ugonjwa wa UKIMWI.

Mama Laura aliyasema hayo Dar es Salaam jana, wakati akizindua Mpango Kazi wa Taifa wa Huduma kwa Watoto yatima na wanaoishi katika mazingira hatarishi.

Alisema Tanzania ni kati ya nchi za kwanza kuandaa Mpango Kazi wa aina hiyo ambao hivi sasa unaonesha mafanikio makubwa kwa kundi la watoto husika ambao ni yatima na wanaoishi katika mazingira hatarishi.

"Serikali ya Marekani, itaendeleza mpango wake wa kusaidia mpango huo wa dharura wakati nchi inapoingia katika utekelezwaji wa mpango wa pili," alisema.

Mama Laura alisema ni wazi kuwa Serikali ya Tanzania chini ya Rais Kikwete na Mkewe Mama Salma ni mfano wa kuigwa kwa kuonesha moyo wa kulea yatima na kuwaongoza Watanzania katika uzinduzi wa kampeni ya upimaji wa virusi vya UKIMWI kwa hiari.

Alisema ili mpango huo uweze kufanikiwa, ni jukumu la Serikali kuhakikisha unakuwa endelevu kuanzia shule za msingi nchi nzima ili uweze kukidhi mahitaji ya jamii inayolengwa kufikishiwa ujumbe wa kupiga vita na kukomesha unyanyapaa dhidi ya ugonjwa huo.

Naye Mama Salma, alisema tafiti mbalimbali zilizowahi kufanyika, zinaonesha kwamba idadi ya watoto walio katika mazingira hatarishi inaongezeka mwaka hadi mwaka.

Alisema kwa mujibu wa ripoti ya Sensa ya Watu na Makazi ya mwaka 2002, asilimia 10-12 ya watoto walio na umri wa miaka 18, wamo katika mazingira hatarishi ikiwa ni idadi inayokadiriwa kufikia watoto milioni mbili ambapo kati ya hao, asilimia 42 ni yatima wanaotokana na UKIMWI.

Alisema zaidi ya nusu ya walezi wa watoto hao ni bibi au babu wenye umri wa miaka 65 na kuendelea wakati asilimia 12 ya watoto hao, ni wale wanaojilea wenyewe na kulea wadogo zao na kwamba ifikapo mwaka 2010, idadi ya watoto hao itakuwa imefikia milioni 4.

"Natambua na kuthamini mchango wako katika kuhamasisha upatikanaji wa huduma za jamii kwa wanaohitaji na pia nakupongeza kwa kuwa mstari wa mbele kuunga mkono juhudi za kudhibiti UKIMWI na kuhamasisha upatikanaji wa misaada mbalimbali kwa nchi zinazoendelea hususan kwa watoto na wanawake," alisema Mama Salma.

Aidha Mama Salma alimshukuru Mama Laura kwa niaba ya Shirika la Misaada la Marekani (USAID), kwa msaada wa gari la huduma ya kwanza lilitolewa kwa Taasisi ya Wanawake na Maendeleo (WAMA) inayojihusisha na masuala ya kijamii.

Rais Bush na mkewe wapo katika ziara ya kuzitembelea nchi kadhaa za Afrika ambapo kabla ya kuja nchi ziara yao ilianzia Benin, baada ya kumaliza ziara yake ya siku nne nchini, Rais Bush atatembelea pia Rwanda, Ghana na Liberia kabla ya kurejea Marekani.

Naye Magesa Magesa kutoka Arusha anaripoti kuwa
Rais Bush leo anatarajiwa kuwasili mjini hapo kwa ziara ya siku moja

Akiwa Arusha atatembelea Hospitali ya Wilaya ya Meru,iliyopo Tengeru mjini hapa na baadaye atatembelea kiwanda cha kutengeneza vyandarua vya Olyset, cha A to Z,kilichopo Kisongo mjini hapa.

Lengo lake kutembelea kiwanda hicho na hospitali hiyo ni kukagua na kujionea namna utekelezaji wa miradi ya kupambambana na malaria na UKIMWI unavyotekelezwa.

(, 18/02/2008)

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Mama Salma Kikwete (hotuba)


Mheshimiwa Balozi wa Marekani, Michael Ritzier,
Mheshimiwa Mkuu wa Mkoa wa Dar es salaam, Abbas Kandoro,
Mwenyekiti wa Tume ya Kudhibiti UKIMWI (TACAIDS), Mej. Jen. (Mstaafu) Herman Lupogo,
Mkurugenzi wa Mradi wa YouthNet (Family Health International), Bi Tonya Nyagiro
Viongozi wa Serikali,
Wawakilishi wa Umoja wa Mataifa na Asasi Mbalimbali,
Waalikwa, Mabibi na Mabwana.

Awali ya yote napenda nianze kwa kumshukuru Mwenyezi Mungu kwa kutuwezesha kukutana hapa tukiwa wazima na wenye afya njema. Aidha nawashukuru sana Family Health International kwa heshima kubwa mliyonipa kwa kunialika nishirikiane nanyi kuchambua mafanikio ya mradi wa vijana wa YouthNet na hatimaye kuufunga na pia kufungua mradi mpya wa UJANA.

Ndugu wageni waalikwa,
Nimefurahi sana kushirikishwa katika mkutano huu muhimu. Hivi leo tunahitimisha Mradi wa YouthNet/Tanzania, na wakati huo huo tunasherehekea uzinduzi wa Mradi wa UJANA, hii inathibitisha kuwa kazi nzuri iliyokuwa inafanywa chini ya Mradi wa YouthNet/Tanzania, sasa itaendelea. Nafarijika sana kuona kuwa bado kuna msukumo mkubwa unaoelekezwa katika kuboresha afya ya uzazi kwa vijana wa Tanzania. Napongeza sana juhudi zinazofanywa na Serikali yetu, asasi za kiraia na wadau wengine wa maendeleo.

Ndugu wageni waalikwa,
Vijana wenye umri kati ya mika 10 na 24 wanafikia asilimia 60% ya idadi ya watu wote Tanzania. Na tunaarifiwa na tafiti za kuaminika kwamba, ingawa viwango vya maambukizi ya Virusi vya UKIMWI (VVU) miongoni mwa vijana viko chini kuliko kiwango cha wastani cha kitaifa, bado takribani theluthi mbili ya maambukizi mapya ya VVU hutokea miongoni mwa vijana wetu walio na umri wa chini ya miaka 45.

Takwimu hizi zinanisukuma kumtaka kila raia, kijana na mtu mzima, mwanamke na mwanaume, kutafakari upya madhara ya kutisha ya janga la UKIMWI. Kila mmoja wetu anawajibu wa kuhakikisha tunadhibiti maambukizi mapya ya virusi vya UKIMWI katika familia zetu, jamii yetu na taifa letu. UKIMWI unaathiri kwa kiasi kikubwa ukuaji wa uchumi wetu hivyo endapo hatua madhubuti za kuudhibiti hazitachukuliwa sasa, ni wazi kuwa nchi yetu itazidi kuzama kwenye dimbwi la umasikini.

Kila mtu anao wajibu wake wa kutekeleza ili kusaidia katika kuzuia hili janga. Sisi kama jamii, tunapaswa kujikinga wenyewe na kuwakinga vijana wetu ? na hii ndiyo sababu siku zote nasema mtoto wa mwenzio ni mwanao, mkinge na UKIMWI.

Ndugu wageni waalikwa
Kiwango cha maambukizi ya VVU ni kikubwa zaidi kwa wasichana ukilinganisha na wavulana kwa sababu za kibaiolojia, na kubwa zaidi ni kutokana na elimu duni na uwezo mdogo wa kiuchumi unaowakabili wanawake na wasichana. Ni muhimu sasa kuboresha hali ya maisha ya wanawake na watoto wa Tanzania kwa kutoa fursa za elimu, stadi na kuwawezesha kujijenga na kujitegemea kiuchumi.

Tusaidie elimu haswa kwa mtoto wa kike, tusaidie vikundi na asasi zinazolenga kuboresha usawa wa kijinsia, na pia tusaidie vikundi vya wanawake na vijana vya kujiinua kiuchumi ili kuwawezesha vijana kujiepusha na hatari ya kuambikizwa VVU.

Mheshimiwa Balozi ametueleza kuwa Serikali ya Marekani itafadhili Mradi wa UJANA kwa kiasi cha dola za Marekani milioni 25 kwa miaka mitano ijayo. Uhisani huu wa watu wa Marekani kwa Tanzania, unalenga kushughulikia masuala yote muhimu niliyoyagusia yanayowezesha kumkinga kijana na maambukizi ya virusi vya UKIMWI.

Kwa niaba ya Watanzania, napenda kukushukuru sana Mheshimiwa Balozi, kwa msaada huo mkubwa uliotolewa na serikali yako kwa lengo la kuhakikisha kuwa tunaongeza juhudi na uwezo wa kuwakinga vijana na janga hili la UKIMWI.

Aidha, msaada huu mkubwa unadhihirisha kushamiri kwa uhusiano kati ya Serikali ya Marekani na Tanzania. Nimearifiwa kuwa Serikali ya Marekani, kupitia mfuko wa Rais wa Kupunguza Makali ya UKIMWI (PEPFAR), umekuwa ukifadhili mradi wa YouthNet wa shirika la Family Health International ili kutoa msaada wa kitaalam na rasilimali kwa mashirika yanayofanya vizuri katika juhudi za kuzuia maambukizi ya Virusi Vya UKIMWI miongoni mwa vijana wa Tanzania.

Waalikwa mabibi na mabwana, Nina imani kuwa Watanzania, na hususan wafanyakazi na walengwa watakaofaidika na mradi huu mpya wa UJANA, watajitahidi kutekeleza majukumu yao kwa umahiri, ufanisi na uaminifu mkubwa ili kufikia lengo tulilojiwekea katika kupunguza maambukizi ya virusi kwa VIJANA. Hii ndiyo njia pekee ya kuuenzi msaada huu adhimu tuliopewa na ndugu zetu wa Marekani.

Nimefurahi kuona kuwa malengo ya Mradi wa UJANA yanashabihiana sana na malengo ya Taasisi yangu ya WANAWAKE NA MAENDELEO (WAMA) ambayo nimeizindua hivi karibuni. WAMA inalenga katika kuboresha maisha ya watoto, hususan watoto wa kike, pamoja na kudhibiti kasi ya maambukizi mapya ya virusi vya UKIMWI kwa vijana. Kwa sababu hiyo, napenda kusema kuwa milango ya WAMA iko wazi kwa ajili ya ushirikiano. Naahidi kuunga mkono juhudi za mradi huu mpya wakati wowote nitakapotakiwa kufanya hivyo.

Nawapongeza sana Shirika la Misaada la Marekani (USAID), uongozi na wafanyakazi wa FHI na wadau mbalimbali kwa kuendesha vizuri mradi YouthNet/Tanzania. Tuzo ya Mradi wa UJANA kwa Family Health International (FHI) ni ushahidi tosha wa mafanikio mazuri ambayo timu ya FHI imeyapata. Nawatakia mafanikio makubwa katika utekelezaji wa Mradi huu mpya unaovutia. Natarajia kuwa nitakuwa napata taarifa za maendeleo ya mradi huu mara kwa mara.

Vijana wangu, UJANA ni kipindi muhimu sana katika maisha ya mwanadamu na kinapopita huwa hakirudi. Kijana aliyeutumia vibaya ujana wake hujuta sana uzeeni. Nawaomba vijana, kila mnapokumbuka na kujivunia UJANA wenu, basi mjivunie pia na mradi wa UJANA na kuhakikisha mmefaidika nao ili msije kujuta baadaye.

Nawashukuruni sana kwa kunisikiliza, Ahsateni sana


Friday, 15 February 2008

Mwalimu Nyerere Foundation

The Foundation was established in June 1996, as a permanent tribute to Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere’s contribution to improving sustainability and quality of human relations. The foundation is based on Mwalimu's belief in the fundamental principle that all humanity, regardless of their differences, are the purpose and justification for the existence of society, and all human activity in any given society.

1. Hon. al Noor Kassum
(interim Chair) • Former Minister for Water, Energy & Minerals (Tanzania 1984-1990)
• Chairman of the University of Dar es Salaam (1990-1993)
• His Highness Prince Aga Khan's Personal Representative (1991)
• Chancellor: Sokoine University of Agriculture
• Chairman:Finance and Administration Committee (1996)
• Trustee : MNF (1996-2000)
• Chairman: MNF (2000-)

2. Mr Joseph Butiku • Retired Government Officer
• Retired Private Secretary to the Tanzania First President
• Executive Director MNF (1996 todate)

3. Dr Salim A. Salim • Former Deputy Prime Minister
• Secretary General Organisation of African Unity

4. Ms. Ambassador Getrude Mongella • UN Wlemn Secretary General
• Former Member of Parliament
• Ambassador

1. Dr. Salim Ahmed Salim
2. Hon. Mrs. Maria J. Kamm (MP)
3. Justuce Joseph Sinde Warioba
4. Prof. Haroub Othman
5. Mrs. Kate Kamba
6. Mr. Nimrod E. Mkono
7. Mrs. Getrude I. Mongella
8. Brig. General Hashim Mbita
9. Dr. Nikolaos Georgulas
10.Mr. Jotham Tumwesigy
11. Mr. Joseph W. Butiku ( Secretary to the Board and Executive Director)
12. Hon. Al Noor Kassum (Interim Chairman)

Mwalimu Nyerere Foundation, 6 Sokoine Drive, PO Box 71000, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Tfn: +255-22-2118354 Fax: +255-22-2119216


Saha is back, while Arsenal is injury hit

Saha set to return
Louis Saha is available for United's FA Cup fifth round clash with Arsenal after coming through a week's training unscathed.

The 29-year-old striker hasn't featured for the Reds since their third round victory over Aston Villa last month after picking up a knee injury in training.

He has started just eight games this season, but is finally ready to make his return to action against the Gunners.

"Louis has trained all week and should be involved," revealed Sir Alex Ferguson at his pre-match press conference. “We have strong squad for Saturday, probably the strongest for a while.

With United and Arsenal due to resume their Champions League campaigns next week - the Reds travel to Lyon, while Arsene Wenger's men host AC Milan - Sir Alex expects both sides to make changes.

“I don’t think either side will play the team that everyone expects. We’ll make a couple of changes. My view is that with massive games like Arsenal and then Lyon on Wednesday, you have to give a lot of consideration to how you balance out your teams. Hopefully I get it right.”

from:, 15/02/2008 12:25, Report by Gemma Thompson & Ben Hibbs

Gunners hit by injuries
Although Emmanuel Eboue and Kolo Toure are back from the Africa Cup of Nations, Arsenal could have 10 first team squad members missing for Saturday's FA Cup clash with United.

Robin van Persie, Manuel Almunia, Tomas Rosicky, Abou Diaby, Denilson and Johan Djourou should miss out, while four more players have been added to the list of likely absentees this week.

"We have some problems," Arsene Wenger told the official Arsenal website. "Clichy might be out. He has a knee problem and a tight hamstring.

"We have Sagna out for personal reasons unfortunately. Philippe Senderos has not practiced all week because of a thigh and a knee problem. Theo Walcott will be short for Saturday and I wanted to play him."

Despite a crippling injury list and next week's Champions League duel with AC Milan, Wenger insists he will still field a side strong enough to advance at United's expense.

"It will be as strong as possible so we have a good chance to win the game without putting the rest of the season into jeopardy by risking injuries," he said. "But I will have a busy night thinking about what I'll do."

from:, 15/02/2008 10:51, Report by Steve Bartram

Rais Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete wa Tanzania

Jina la Kwanza: Jakaya
Jina la Katikati: Mrisho
Jina la Mwisho: Kikwete

Chama: Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM)

Wasifu wa Rais Jakaya M Kikwete.
Alizaliwa Oktoba 7, mwaka 1950 katika kijiji cha Msoga Wilaya ya Bagamoyo mkoani Pwani.

1958-1961 - Shule ya Msingi Msoga
1962-1965 - Shule ya Msingi ya Kati ya Lugoba
1966-1969 - Shule Sekondari Kibaha
1970-1971 - Shule ya Sekondari Tanga
1972-1975 - Chuo Kiku cha Dar es Salaam, Shahada ya kwanza ya Uchumi
1976-1977 - Mafunzo ya Afisa wa Jeshi
- Mafunzo ya Uongozi wa Jeshi Monduli
1983-1984 - Mafunzo ya Makamanda wa Jeshi

Nafasi alizowahi kushika
1975-1977 - Katibu msaidizi wa TANU wa Mkoa
1977-1980 - Katibu Msaidizi wa CCM, Kisiwani Zanzibar
1980-1981 - Afisa Utumishi wa CCM makao makuu
1981-1983 - Katibu wa CCM Mkoa Tabora
1983-1986 - Mkufunzi wa Siasa katika Chuo cha uongozi wa Jeshi Monduli
1986-1988 - Katibu wa CCM Wilaya ya Nachingwea na baadaye Masasi
1988-1990 - Naibu Waziri wa Nishati na Madini
1990-1994 - Waziri wa Nishati, Madini na Maendeleo ya Maji
1994-1995 - Waziri wa Fedha
1995- 2005 - Mbunge wa Chalinze
1995-2000 - Waziri wa Mambo ya Nje na Ushirikiano wa Kimataifa
2000-2005 - Aliteuliwa tena kuwa Waziri wa Mambo ya Nje na Ushirikiano wa Kimataifa.
2005- Hadi Sasa - Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania

Maisha ya Binafsi:
Mheshimiwa Rais Jakaya M Kikwete ameoa na ana watoto kadhaa. Mke wake anaitwa Bi. Salma Kikwete. Mke wa Rais ni mwenyekiti wa taasisi ya Wanawake na Maendeleo (WAMA).

Mwaka 1995 mheshimiwa Rais Jakaya M Kikwete aligombea Urais na nusura apate nafasi ya kuwakilisha CCM ktk uchaguzi mkuu. Katika mwaka huo mheshimiwa Benjamin William Mkapa, Rais mstaafu, alipata nafasi ya kuwakilisha CCM ktk uchaguzi mkuu na hatimaye kushinda uchaguzi mkuu na kuwa rais wa awamu ya tatu.

mjadala wa richmond waendelea bungeni

Mjadala wa Richmond moto
Mjadala kuhusu Tume ya Bunge ya kuchunguza mkataba tata wa kampuni ya uzalishaji umeme wa dharura, Richmond, ulirejelewa tena bungeni jana huku wabunge wakielezwa kushangazwa kwao na mambo yalivyokwenda katika mkataba huo.

Wabunge pia walimchachamalia mbunge mwenzao wa Jimbo la Igunga, Bw. Rostam Aziz (CCM) wakidai kuwa ndiye `mmiliki` wa kampuni hiyo na kutaka awajibishwe.

Aidha walilitaka bunge limchukulie hatua mbunge huyo kwa kulikaidi kutokana na kuigomea kamati teule ilipomwita kumhoji.

Mbunge wa Sikonge Bw. Said Nkumba(CCM)jana alimkalia kooni Bw. Aziz alipokuwa akichangia taarifa ya kamati ya Bunge iliyoanza kujadiliwa tangu Alhamisi iliyopita.

``Nimeisoma ripoti safi haina fitina, haina majungu wala haikuwa na nia ya kuwaharibia watu majina. Naipongeza kamati,`` alisema.

Aliongeza kuwa alisoma ripoti ya kamati ya Richmond na ukweli ni kwamba wale wote waliohakikisha kwamba Richmond wanapata mkataba ule, hao ndiyo Richmond na hakuna wengine.

Aliongeza kuwa TANESCO iliundwa kwa madhumuni makubwa ya kuwapa unafuu wananchi kwenye nishati ya umeme, lakini mkataba huo mbovu uliojaa mizengwe na harufu ya rushwa umewabebesha Watanzania mzigo wa kulipa fedha nyingi.

``Juni 23, 2006 waliweka mkataba na Richmond na baadaye Dowans ambayo mmoja wa wabunge wenzetu hapa, Rostam Aziz ametajwa kwenye ukurasa wa 9 wa ripoti kuwa na uhusiano nayo, ndiyo ambayo inaendelea kupokea hizo fedha Sh. 152 milioni kila mwezi kila siku.``

Akizungumza kwa uchungu mbunge huyo alisema: ``Hii ni aibu, fedheha kubwa. Mimi niombe wale wote waliohusika pamoja ambao hawakuwa katika madaraka ya serikali, wengine wana madaraka ya chama, wengine ubunge, lazima hatua za kinidhamu zichukuliwe. Jambo hili hatuwezi tukaliacha hivi hivi.``

``Nimpongeze sana Mheshimiwa Dk. Harrison Mwakyembe ameiwasilisha ripoti kwa mbwembwe, hata mimi kama ningepata nafasi hiyo ningeiwasilisha kwa mbwembwe kwani nina uhakika na kile nilichokifanya,`` alisema.

Alisema anasimama kwa maslahi ya wapiga kura wake wanaoteseka na bei kubwa ya umeme, kwa maslahi ya taifa ambalo limedhulumiwa na watu wachache waliokabidhiwa dhamana za kuongoza umma lakini hawana uadilifu na wamevunja uaminifu wa viapo vya kuwatumikia Watanzania.

``Tumeibiwa, badala ya fedha hizi zijenge barabara vijijini, zinunue madawa kwenye zahanati zetu, wananchi wapate maji safi na salama, tuongeze uwezo wa kupeleka pembejeo na ruzuku kwa wakulima. Badala ya fedha hizi tuwalipe walimu wanaodai malimbikizo na ujenzi wa madarasa, watu wachache wanaliibia taifa,`` alieleza.

Alisema kujiuzulu hakutoshi na akataka hatua za kinidhamu, za dharura za kuhakikisha kwamba Watanzania wanaridhishwa na hatua sahihi zinachukuliwa.

Aliwashambulia watuhumiwa kwa kuidharau kamati wakati ikichunguza ufisadi wa Richmond, Mheshimiwa Rostam Aziz na ndugu yetu Daniel Yona waliitwa kwenye kamati, hawakufika.

``Na Kamati katika maelezo yake mwishoni, haikutoa maelezo ni hatua gani zinachukuliwa dhidi ya hawa watu. Sasa naomba waongeze pendekezo la kuchukuliwa hatua wakati wanamaliza kujibu hoja yao hapa,`` alishauri
Alisema kuwachukuliwa hatua wote waliodharau kazi ya Bunge ni muhimu kwa kuwa kutotii mamlaka hiyo ni kumdharau Spika, Bunge na Watanzania.

Alisisitiza kuwa jambo hili haliwezi likaruhusiwa liendelee na kuomba hatua zichukuliwe na mapendekezo ya kamati mwishoni yaonyeshe.

Alisema uadilifu kwa viongozi ni suala muhimu pia ni lazima wawe mfano kwa wananchi kwa maisha yao.

``Nataka niseme hapa, kuna hii hoja ya biashara na siasa. Nasema kwamba si wafanya biashara wote si waaminifu.

Lakini wapo ambao si waaminifu na wanatafuta kila namna ya kuingia kwenye siasa wanayoiona kama kinga... Wanaona wakiwa kwenye siasa watapata kila kitu,`` alisema.
Alitaka wana siasa hao wabainishwe na huu ni mfano uliojionyesha kwenye Richmond.

``Leo ukienda katika maeneo mengine yote, utaona zabuni kubwa kubwa zina watu maalum, mwingine lazima ukapige magoti kwao ndiyo upate zabuni hata wafanya biashara wengine nafikiri watakuwa wananiunga mkono. Lazima ukapige magoti kwao ndiyo upate kazi,`` alisema na kushangiliwa sana.

Alisema kuwasaidia wananchi kwa kwapelekea maji na misaada wasiojiweza si mpaka mtu uwe mbunge au diwani.

``Unaweza ukafanya hivyo bila ya kuingia kwenye ubunge wala udiwani. Wako watu wengi tu tunawaona hapa, hawajawa na hisia hata siku moja za kuingia kwenye siasa. Kina Reginald Mengi hao, tunawaona kila siku wako wanasaidia watu hatujawasikia wanataka kugombea hizi nafasi,`` alisema na kushangiliwa.

Alionya kuwa kama watu wameingia kwenye siasa kwa ajili ya kuhakikisha biashara zao zinakwenda kwenye utaratibu ambao utapeleka nchi kwenye masuala ya Richmond safari hii watakuwa wakali kweli kweli na hakuna kuoneana haya humu bungeni.

Baada ya kutoa mchango wake Spika Bw. Samuel Sitta, alisema ``Loo! ahsante Mheshimiwa Said Nkumba``
Mbunge wa Viti Maalum, Bi. Grace Kiwelu (CHADEMA) alisema wahusika wa sakata hilo wanaweza kutorokea nje ya nchi ili kukwepa mkono wa sheria na kwamba njia pekee ya kuwazuia ni kuwanyang’anya hati za kusafiria.

``Kuvunjwa kwa Baraza la Mawaziri peke yake haitoshi, waliohusika wachukuliwe hatua na labda nitoe tu angalizo kwamba pasipoti zao zizuiliwe, wafikishwe mahakamani kujibu tuhuma zinazowakabili na haki ijulikane,`` alisisitiza.

Alifafanua kuwa haki inaweza kupatikana mahakamani hivyo wale wanaodhani wanasingiziwa wanapaswa kufuata mkondo wa sheria badala ya kulalamika.

Aidha, mbunge wa Ubungo, Bw. Charles Keenja (CCM) alisema njia pekee itakayoonyesha kiwango cha utekelezaji wa mapandekezo ya kamati teule ni serikali kutoa taarifa yake kwa Bunge.

``Mkataba wa Richmond haukufanyika kwa bahati mbaya, yalikuwa ni makusudi kwa ajili ya kuwaneemesha wachache. Hivyo pamoja na kupendekeza wahusika wachukuliwe hatua kali kwelikweli naomba serikali iyafanyie kazi mapendekezo ya tume na kuleta taarifa ya utekelezaji hapa Bungeni, mheshimiwa Spika hatuwezi kusamehe jambo linaloudhi namna hii`` alisema.

Aliongeza kuwa mkataba tata wa Richmond ulifanywa na serikali chini ya shinikizo la viongozi na hivyo kutokana na hali hiyo inapaswa kulipa kampuni hiyo na si suala la TANESCO kulipa Sh. milioni 152 kila siku.

``Serikali itafute fedha hizo zilipo na si kuiwajibisha TANESCO na wananchi,`` aliongeza.

Bw. Keenja alisema uchunguzi zaidi unahitajika ili kubaini `mchawi` aliyeishinikiza Taasisi ya Kuzuia na Kupambana na Rushwa (TAKUKURU) kuudanganya umma katika suala nyeti kama la Richmond.

Alibainisha kuwa ni vyema vyombo kama TAKUKURU na Mkaguzi na Mdhibiti Mkuu wa Hesabu za Serikali (CAG) kuwajibika kwa bunge.

``Lazima tumjue aliyeishinikiza PCCB kutoa ripoti chafu kiasi kile na tunaweza kupendekeza vyombo kama TAKUKURU na CAG viwajibike kwetu,`` alisistiza.

Kwa upande wake, mbunge wa viti maalum (CUF) Bi. Magdalena Sakaya alitaka TAKUKURU ipanguliwe na Mkurugenzi wake Mkuu Bw. Edward Hosea achukuliwe hatua za kisheria.

Alifafanua kuwa kutokana na uzembe wa uwajibikaji uliofanywa na ofisi ya Mwanasheria Mkuu wa serikali, mamlaka hiyo ‘ipigwe chini’ na kupangwa upya.

``Tumethibitisha kuwa uwezo wa TAKUKURU ni kula dagaa na si samaki pamoja na kwamba tulipitisha sheria ya kuiongezea meno. Napendekeza tuipige chini pamoja na Mwanasheria Mkuu wa serikali ili tuweze kujipanga upya. Lakini pia kila kiongozi aliyehusika kwa namna yoyote ile awajibishwe ili kutoa fundisho kwa vizazi zijavyo`` alisema.

Bi. Sakaya alibainisha kuwa kupanda kwa gharama za umeme kunazidi kuhatarisha uhai wa mazingira kunakosababishwa na ukataji miti kwa matumizi ya nishati.

Naye mbunge wa Igalula (CCM) Bi. Tatu Ntimizi aliitaka serikali kuvunja mikataba yote inayoliangamiza taifa bila kuogopa kushitakiwa ili kuikomboa nchi.

Aliongeza kuwa, utafiti wake unaonyesha kuwa makusanyo ya kila mwezi ya TANESCO ni takribani Sh. biloni 30 ambapo Sh. bilioni 21 zinaenda kwa makampuni matano yanayozalisha umeme hapa nchini.

Makampuni hayo ni IPTL, Richmond, Songas, Aggreko na Artumas.

Awali Kiongozi wa kambi ya upinzani Bungeni Bw. Hamad Rashid Mohamed ambaye alikuwa mchangiaji wa kwanza wa mjadala huo alisema wafuasi wake wanahitaji maelezo ya kina kutoka serikalini juu ya kukiuka sheria za nchi kwa kuingia mikataba tata inayoliangamiza taifa.

Alisema mipango ya taifa ni kuwafikishia wananchi wa vijijini umeme kwa haraka zaidi jambo linaloelezwa katika sera ya taifa ya umeme na kueleza kuwa makampuni yanayozalisha nishati hiyo hapa nchini hayajafanya hivyo hadi sasa.

``Tunataka serikali itueleze kwa nini inaingia mikataba inayokinzana na sera zetu... Kwa nini imekuwa kinara wa kuvunja sheria mfano kama ilivyokiuka sheria ya manunuzi ya umma hasa katika sakata la Richmond kama ilivyoelezwa katika ripoti ya kamati teule`` alisema.

Kwa mujibu wa Bw. Mohamed, TANESCO imekuwa ikilipa Sh. bilioni 444.4 kila mwaka kwa makampuni matano yanayozalisha umeme hapa nchini jambo linalozidi kuliangamiza.

Aliongeza kuwa utata wa Richmond umedhihirisha jinsi serikali ilivyokiuka sheria kwa makusudi hivyo ili kutokomeza jambo hilo ni kuwachukulia hatua kali wahusika wote.

Alisema kuna vipengele vitano katika mkataba wa Richmond vinaruhusu kuvunja mkataba na kuongeza kuwa serikali inaweza kutumia mwanya huo kuutupilia mbali.

``Naomba Bunge lako tukufu lipitishe azimio la kuona mikataba ili tusiendelee kuporwa rasilimali zetu maana tumeomba mikataba kwa muda mrefu bila mafanikio,`` alisema na kuongeza: ``Hili tunalofanya hapa ni rasharasha, tunayo mikataba chungu nzima, tuende mbele zaidi, tuangalie madini, majengo ya BoT `twin tower` na kwingineko`` alisistiza.

Kwa upande wake, Mgana Msindai Iramba Mashariki (CCM) aliongeza kuwa hakuna sababu ya kuilipa Richmond ikiwa haipo Marekani wala hapa nchini.

Kwa upande wake, mbunge wa Busanda (CCM) Bw. Kabuzi Rwilomba aliwataka wanasheria watumie taaluma yao kulinasua taifa katika mikataba tata na kwamba sio lazima kuendelea nayo hadi mwisho.

* SOURCE: Nipashe, 15 Feb 2008
By Gaudensia Mngumi, Dodoma

Baraza la mawaziri

Baraza: Wapya sita, 14 waenda na maji
RAIS Jakaya Kikwete jana Jumanne, alitangaza Baraza lake jipya la Mawazili akisema limezingatia muundo mpya wa Serikali ambao umefanywa, ikiwa ni pamoja na kuunganisha wizara, kuzipunguza na kuunda nyingine mpya.

Akitangaza Baraza lake hilo kwenye Ofisi za Tawala za Mikoa na Serikali za Mitaa (TAMISEMI) mjini Dodoma, Rais Kikwete alisema wizara iliyokuwa ikishughulikia mahusiano ya jamii, chini ya Kingunge Ngombale-Mwiru, ambaye ameamua kustaafu, imefutwa.

Kwa mujibu wa Rais Kikwete, majukumu ya wizara hiyo mengine yamehamishiwa Ofisi ya Waziri Mkuu na mengine yanasalia kwa washauri wa Rais wa mambo ya siasa.

Wizara ya Fedha imeunganishwa na ile ya Mipango na Uwezeshaji, ili kufanya wizara mmoja ya Fedha. Tume ya Mipango iliyokuwa chini ya Mipango na Uwezeshaji, sasa itafanyiwa mabadiliko na kisha itakuwa chini ya Ofisi ya Rais.

Wizara ya Mambo ya Ndani na Usalama wa Raia zimeunganishwa, na kuwa Wizara ya Mambo ya Ndani.

Wizara nyingine zilizounganishwa ni ile ya Elimu na Ufundi na ile ya Elimu ya Juu, Sayansi na Teknolojia.

Rais alisema kutokana na uwingi wa shule za sekondari zilizofunguliwa, uendeshaji wa shule hizo pamoja na zile za shule za msingi sasa utakuwa chini ya Tawala za Mikoa na Serikali za Mitaa (TAMISEMI), huku kukiwa na maofisa wa elimu wawili, moja wa sekondari na mwingine wa msingi.

Kwa upande wa sayansi na teknolojia, na teknolojia ya mawasiliano (ICT), Rais alisema kwamba zitaundiwa wizara ambayo sasa inaitwa Wizara ya Mawasiliano, Sayansi na Teknolojia.

Kitengo cha uwamwagiliaji maji kimehamishiwa kwenye Wizara ya Maji kutoka Wizara ya Kilimo, wakati kitengo cha uvuvi kimehamishwa kutoka Wizara ya Maliasili na Utalii na kupelekwa Wizara ya Mifugo.

Wizara ya Sheria nayo imefanyiwa mabadiliko, ambapo Naibu Mwanasheria Mkuu wa Serikali, ambaye ndiye alikuwa akibeba pia majukumu ya Katibu Mkuu wa wizara hiyo, sasa nafasi hizo zimetenganishwa. Naibu Mwanasheria Mkuu wa Serikali atabakia kama msaidizi mkuu wa Mwanasheria Mkuu wa Serikali na Katibu Mkuu wa wizara atakuwa mtu mwingine.

Kwa kuzingatia mabadiliko hayo, Rais alitangaza kwamba sasa Serikali yake itakuwa na mawaziri 26 na manaibu 21, na kufanya jumla 47, tofauti na Baraza lililovunjwa lililokuwa na jumla yao 60.

Akitangaza Baraza la Mawaziri hilo jipya, alisema kuwa Ofisi ya Rais (Utawala Bora) itakuwa chini ya Sophia Simba na ile ya Menejimenti ya Utumishi wa Umma itaendelea kuwa chini ya Hawa Ghasia.

Kwa upande wa Ofisi ya Makamu wa Rais alisema kwamba masuala ya Muungano yatashughulikiwa na Waziri Muhammed Seif Khatib, wakati masuala ya mazingira yatakuwa chini ya Dk. Batilda Burian.

Ofisi ya Waziri Mkuu itakuwa na Waziri wa Nchi (Sera), na ambaye atashughulikia Uratibu na Bunge ambaye ni Philip Marmo, wakati Waziri wa Nchi (Tawala za Mikoa na Serikali za Mitaa-TAMISEMI) atakuwa Steven Wassira. Naibu Waziri wa TAMISEMI atakuwa Celina Kombani.

Wizara ya Mipango na Fedha itakuwa chini ya Mustafa Mkullo na manaibu waziri wake watakuwa Jeremia Sumari na Omar Yusuf Mzee.

Wizara ya Afya na Ustawi wa Jamii bado itashikiliwa na Profesa David Mwakyusa na Naibu Waziri pia atabakia kuwa Dk Aisha Kigoda.

John Chiligati ataongoza Wizara ya Ardhi, Nyumba na Maendeleo ya Makazi iliyokuwa chini ya John Magufuli ambaye sasa anakwenda Maendeleo ya Mifugo na Uvuvi akiwa na Naibu Waziri Dk. James Wanyancha.

Profesa Jumanne Maghembe ataongoza Wizara ya Elimu na Mafunzo ya Ufundi, akiwa na Naibu Waziri, Gaudensia Kabaka na Naibu Waziri, Mwantumu Mahiza.

Wizara mpya ya Mawasiliano, Sayansi na Teknolojia itaongozwa na Waziri Dk. Shukuru Kawambwa na Naibu Waziri, Dk Maua Daftari.

Wizara ya mindombinu ambayo umebadilishwa kuwa ikijihusisha na barabara zaidi itaendelea kuwa chini ya Waziri Andrew Chenge na Naibu wake Dk. Milton Makongoro Mahanga.

Wizara ya Habari, Utamaduni na Michezo imepeta Waziri mpya ambaye ni George Huruma Mkuchika na Naibu wake atabaki kuwa Joel Bendera.

Wizara ya Kazi, Ajira na Maendeleo ya Vijana itakuwa chini ya Profesa Juma Kapuya na Naibu wake atakuwa Hezekiah Chibulunje.

Waziri wa Maji na Umwagiliaji sasa atakuwa Profesa Mark Mwandosya na Naibu wake atakuwa Injinia Christopher Chiza.

Waziri wa Kilimo, Chakula na Ushirika atakuwa Profesa Peter Msolla na Naibu wake akiwa Dk. Matayo David Matayo.

Margaret Sitta atakuwa ndiye Waziri wa Maendeleo ya Jamii, Jinsia na Watoto na Naibu wake atakuwa Dk. Lucy Nkya.

Waziri wa Maliasili na Utalii anakuwa Shamsa Mwangunga na Naibu Waziri anakuwa Ezekiel Maige.

Wizara ya Mambo ya Ndani itakuwa chini ya Lawrence Masha na naibu wake, Hamisi Kagasheki.

Wizara ya Mambo ya Nje na Ushirikiano wa Kimataifa itaendelea kuongozwa na Bernard Membe na Naibu wake, Seif Ali Iddi.

William Ngeleja anakuwa Waziri kamili wa Nishati na Madini akiwa na Naibu Waziri, Adamu Malima, huku Wizara ya Katiba na Sheria ikiongozwa na Mathias Chikawe.

Wizara ya Ulinzi na Jeshi la Kujenga Taifa itakuwa chini ya Dk. Hussein Mwinyi na Naibu Waziri, Dk. Emmanuel Nchimbi.

Wizara ya Ushirikiano wa Afrika Mashariki itaongozwa na Dk. Deodorius Kamala na Naibu wake anakuwa Mohamed Aboud.

Wizara ya Viwanda Biashara na Masoko sasa itakuwa chini ya Waziri Dk Mary Nagu na Naibu Waziri, Dk Steven Chami.

Mwandishi Wetu Februari 13, 2008

'mkataba ufutwe, watuhumiwa washughulikiwe'

'Watuhumiwa Richmond wanyang'anywe pasipoti'
*Wabunge: Mkataba ufutwe, malipo yasimame

WABUNGE wamewachachamalia watuhumiwa wa Richmond na kusema kujiuzulu kwao hakutoshi na wameitaka Serikali iwachukulie hatua pamoja na kuwanyang'anya pasipoti ili wasitoroke.

Pia wameitaka Serikali kusimamisha mara moja malipo ya Sh. milioni 152 zinazolipwa kwa kampuni ya Richmond, kufilisi mali za watuhumiwa wakiwamo waliojiuzulu na mkataba huo usitishwe kama ilivyofanywa kwa kampuni ya kusambaza maji Dar es Salaam ya City Water.

“Serikali ikamate pasi za watuhumiwa wote wa Richmond wasitoroke nchi, kujiuzulu tu hakutoshi, lazima wachukuliwe hatua kali zaidi,” alisema Mbunge wa Viti Maalumu, Bi Grace Kiwelu (CHADEMA).

Naye Mbunge wa Iramba Mashariki, Bw. Mgana Msindai alisema: “Wenzetu (Kamati), walikwenda mpaka Marekani hakuna kampuni ya Richmond, sasa hizi fedha zililipwa kwa nani?.

“Tunataka haya malipo yasimamishwe mara moja, kama hakuna kampuni tunamlipa nani wakati haipo? Kama ni watu fulani ndio wanalipwa fedha za walipa kodi wafilisiwe,” alisema Bw. Msindai.

Aliendelea: “TAKUKURU wametajwa katika ripoti hii nao wawajibishwe, nirudie kuiomba Serikali kusiwe na mchezo, mawaziri walioteuliwa wamejifunza kwamba ukilegea kidogo mambo yanaharibika,” alisema.

Naye Mbunge wa Igalula, Bibi Tatu Ntimizi (CCM), aliitaka Serikali kuwachukulia hatua kali waliotajwa katika ripoti hiyo hata kama si wanasiasa na kusisitiza, kwamba ni lazima mali za waliohusika moja kwa moja zifilisiwe kwa manufaa ya umma, ili liwe fundisho kwa watu wengine.

“Kila mwezi TANESCO inakusanya sh. bilioni 30, lakini sh. bilioni 21 wanalipa madeni za Richmond, IPTL, Songas na Aggreko, kupe wamejaa TANESCO ndiyo maana iko ICU, kama tulivunja mkataba na City Water, kwa nini tusivunje na Richmond? Au City Water hakukuwa na mtu ndiyo maana tulivunja mkataba?.

“Tusiogope kushitakiwa, hakuna mkataba ambao hauwezi kujinasua, kutokana na hayo yaliyojitokeza ni wakati muafaka sasa Serikali kukubali kuleta mikataba bungeni, hizi ni enzi za ukweli na uwazi, urasimu huu ndio umetufikisha huku, mtu kama umetajwa umehusika kwa nini hawakukutaja Spika au kunitaja Mbunge wa Igalula?,” alihoji Bibi Ntimizi.

Naye Mbunge wa Sikonge, Bw. Said Nkumba (CCM), alisema hakuna sababu ya kuendelea kujiuliza kampuni ya Richmond kwa maelezo kuwa waliotajwa kuhusika kuhakikisha mkataba huo wa hewa unasainiwa ndio Richmond wenyewe.

“Waliohakikisha kwamba mkataba huo unasainiwa ndio Richmond, maana kila mahali kule Marekani na hapa nchini hakuna hiyo kampuni, Mheshimiwa Mbunge mwenzetu, ndiye anapokea sh. milioni 152 kila siku, ni lazima wawajibishwe kinidhamu pia, tumeibiwa, badala ya fedha hizi kulipa malimbikizo ya walimu, suala la kujiuzulu haliwezi kuwa ndio suluhisho,” alisisitiza Bw. Nkumba.

Alisema ni lazima hatua kali zichukuliwe dhidi ya walioitwa na kukataa kujitokeza, kwani walilidharau Bunge zima lililounda Kamati hiyo Teule na kuipa majukumu ya kisheria ya kuhoji kila mtu ambaye angeweza kutoa taarifa za kusaidia kujua ukweli.

“Wapo wafanyabiashara ambao wameingia katika siasa kama kinga kufanya mambo yasiyofaa, wapo wafanyabiashara wengi wanaotoa misaada bila kuwa hata na mawazo ya kuwa wanasiasa ... wanatoa misaada kila siku, lakini hawaoneshi nia ya kuwa wanasiasa, si lazima uwe mbunge au diwani ndio usaidie watu," alisema Bw. Nkumba.

Aliitaka Serikali kuangalia upya suala la TAKUKURU na baadhi ya taasisi zake muhimu na kuziweka chini ya Mamlaka ya Bunge moja kwa moja, ili ufuatilie uwe rahisi kwa maelelezo kuwa taasisi hizo zikiwajibika kwa Bunge, ni lazima zitekeleze majukumu yake ipasavyo kila wakati.

Naye Mbunge wa Kilindi, Bibi Beatrice Shellukindo alisema, “wananchi walio wengi wanachotaka ni fedha zirudishwe, kujiuzulu hakuna uhusiano na fedha, wengi wanajiuliza wabunge wa CCM walikuwa wapi, lakini unajua unaweza kuvumilia, lakini imefika sasa ni lazima tuseme.

“Kwa kile kilichotokea, TAKUKURU tubuni chombo kingine kinachoshughulikia rushwa lakini si kile, pia nidhamu ya woga ni kubwa sana Serikali, ni lazima watumishi wa umma waondokane na nidhamu ya woga,” alisema Bibi Shellukindo.

Alisema kutokana na suala la Richmond yeye na mume wake tayari wameandika wosia kwa Mwanasheria kwa kuwa wamepokea vitisho vingi na kwamba hawezi kuogopa kutetea maslahi ya Taifa kwa kuwa anaamini mlinzi mkuu ni Mungu.

Kwa upande wake, Mbunge wa Ubungo, Bw. Charles Keenja (CCM), alisema kilichotokea katika mkataba wa Richmond si bahati mbaya, bali ni jambo lililopangwa kwa makusudi, hivyo lazima hatua kali zichukuliwe bila kuangalia suala la kujiuzulu.

“Hivi sasa wananchi na sisi tunachangishwa fedha kulipia uchafu huu, lazima hatua kali zaidi zichukuliwe, fedha hizi zinalipwa Watanzania tu na si watu wa Marekani, Serikali lazima itueleze fedha hizi zinalipwa kwa akina nani,” alisema Bw. Keenja.

Naye Mbunge wa Busanda, Bw. Kabuzi Rwilomba (CCM), alitoa mwito kwa Bunge kuhakikisha Kamati Teule haiishi tu kwa Richmond bali iende mpaka Benki Kuu ya Tanzania (BoT), ambako pia kuna 'madudu' ya EPA na mengine mengi.

“Tusingependa kusikia ‘kasungura kadogo tukagawane’ kumbe wenzetu wanakula sungura nzima sisi tunapewa manyoya, wote waliohusika wachukuliwe hatua kali, siasa isiwe kichaka cha wafanyabiashara kuficha maovu,” alionya Bw. Rwilomba.

Wabunge wote waliochangia walimsifu Mwenyekiti wa Kamati Teule, Mbunge wa Kyela, Dkt. Harrison Mwakyembe na kueleza kwamba licha ya vitisho na kila aina ya maneno, lakini wamesaidia Taifa kwa kufanya kazi kwa uaminifu bila hofu.

Walimtaka Dkt. Mwakyembe kuwasilisha maoni ya Kamati yake leo kuhusu hatua zinazostahili kuchukuliwa, dhidi ya wahusika bila hofu na kwamba watakuwa nyuma yao kuhakikisha mapendekezo yao yanatekelezwa na na katika Mkutano wa 11 wa Bunge wapewe majibu ya hatua zilizochukuliwa na Serikali kulingana na mapendekezo hayo.

kutoka: majira, 15.02.2008 0235 EAT
Na John Daniel, Dodoma

Thursday, 14 February 2008

I love you!

To my wife,
I am glad to come out here today and say; I love you v. much baby!
Hope to see you soon.
Happy Valentine!
Yr loving hazband

Rio on why MU lost to MC

Rio Ferdinand admits United's players have been hurting this week after the 2-1 defeat to Manchester City, and says the only way to get it out of their system is to beat Arsenal on Saturday.

The most disappointing aspect of the defeat for the 29-year-old was the Reds' failure to show any of the characteristics that have placed United among three title challengers this season.

"We didn't do any of the things that have taken us into a good position in the league and made us a threatening, compact team," Rio told MUTV.

"It was a very bad weekend. We've all been thinking about the reasons why it happened and how we want to pull ourselves together and get the result out of our minds."

With Arsenal in the FA Cup fifth round on Saturday and Olympique Lyonnais in the Champions League last 16 first leg the following Wednesday, Sir Alex Ferguson's men have little choice but to lift themselves.

Ferdinand says the healing process has already begun, but would be significantly aided by knocking Arsenal out of the cup at Old Trafford this weekend. "The best thing you can do is to come into training and just get focused on winning the next game, and that's what we're doing." 13/02/2008

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Baraza la Mawaziri

Rais JK ametangaza Baraza jipya la mawaziri, baada ya kuvunja baraza la mawaziri ya kufuatia Edward Lowassa kujiuzulu baada ya kukumbwa na kashfa ya Richmond.

Akizungumza katika ukumbi wa Tamisemi mjini Dodoma amesema baraza hilo limepunguzwa na kubakia na Mawaziri 26 badala ya 29 wa awali na Manaibu 21 badala ya 31.

(Menejimenti utumishi wa umma)
-Hawa Ghasia.

(Ofisi ya Rais muungano)
-Seif Mohamed Khatib.

-Batilda Burian.

(Ofisi ya waziri mkuu utaratibu wa bunge)
-Philipo Marmo.

(Tamisemi Tawala za mikoa na serikali za mitaa)
-Stephen Wasira,naibu Serena Kombani.

(Wizara ya mipango na Fedha)
-Mustafa Mkulo, manaibu Jeremia Sumari, Omari Yusuph Mzee.

(Afya na ustawi wa jamii)
-Prof Mwakyusa, Naibu Asha Kigoda.

(Ardhi Nyumba na maendeleo ya makazi)
-John Chiligati.

(Elimu na mafunzo ya ufundi)
-Prof Jumanne Maghembe, Manaibu Gaudensia Kabaka, na Mwantum Mahiza.

(Mawasiliano na Sayansi na Technologia)
-Shukuru Kawambwa Naibu Maua Daftari.

(Miundo mbinu)
-Andrew Chenge Naibu Milton Mahanga.

(Habari Utamaduni na Michezo)
-George Huruma Mkuchika, Naibu Joel Bendera.

(Kazi Ajira na maendeleo ya Vijana)
-Prof Juma Kapuya Naibu Ezekiel Chibulunje.

(Maji na Umwagiliaji)
-Mark Mwandosya, Naibu wake ni Engineer Christopher Chiza.

(Kilimo Chakula na Ushirika)
-Peter Msola, Naibu Mathayo David Mathayo.

(Maendeleo ya jamii Jinsia na Watoto)
-Magreth Sitta naibu Lucy Nkya.

(Maendeleo ya mifugo na uvuvi)
-Johhn Pombe Magufuli, Naibu DR. James Wanyancha.

(Maliasili na utalii)
-Shamsa Mwangunga, Naibu Ezekiel Maige.

(Mambo ya Ndani)
-Lawrence Masha naibu Hamis Kagasheki.

(Wizara ya Sheria)
-Mhe. Chikawe.

(Mambo ya nje na Ushirikiano wa kimataifa)
-Bernard Membe, naibu Seif Ally Idi.

(Wizara ya madini)
-Wiliam Ngereje, Naibu ni Adam Malima.

(Wizara ya Ulinzi)
-Hussein Ally Mwinyi, Naibu Emmanuel Nchimbi.

(Wizara Ya Afrika Mashariki)
-DR. E Kamala.

(Viwanda na Masoko)
-Mary Nagu naibu Cyril Chami.

Awali kabla ya kutangaza baraza hilo Rais Kikwete alisema kuna mawaziri walioomba kupumzika baada ya kutumikia serikali kwa muda mrefu na watabaki katika kushauri tu.
ambao ni Mzee Kingunge Ngombare Mwiru, na Joseph Mungai.

* SOURCE: Alasiri, 12 Feb 2008
By Mwandishi Wetu

Man U's Manucho named in Africa's best XI

Manucho may not have kicked a ball yet for United but new signing Manucho is already receiving rave reviews.

The latest endorsement of the Angolan's talents is his inclusion in the Africa Cup of Nations XI, ahead of some of world football's most feared strikers. Chelsea's Didier Drogba was named among the subs, while Barcelona's Samuel Eto'o missed out altogether.

Manucho scored four goals during the tournament, one less than Eto'o who top scored with five including three penalties. Player of the tournament was midfielder Hosni Abd Rabou who also netted four times to help Egypt retain the trophy.

Young player of the tournament was Arsenal and Cameroon midfielder Alexander Song. Other Premier League players in the all-star XI were Portsmouth's Sulley Muntari, Newcastle's Geremi and Chelsea's Michael Essien.

Manucho's next move will be to link up with his loan club Panathinaikos for the rest of the season. However, this week's UEFA Cup tie against Rangers in Glasgow has come too soon for the striker following his Africa Cup exertions.

Africa Cup of Nations XI:
Essam Al-Hadari (Egypt), Geremi (Cameroon), Wael Gomaa (Egypt), Michael Essien (Ghana), Sulley Muntari (Ghana), Yaya Toure (Ivory Coast), Alexandre Song (Cameroon), Hosni Abd Rabou (Egypt), Mohamed Aboutrika (Egypt), Amr Zaky (Egypt), Manucho (Angola).

Subs: Richard Kingson (Ghana), Hani Said, Ahmed Fathi (both Egypt), Frej Saber (Tunisia), Stephane Mbia (Cameroon), Didier Drogba, Kader Keita (both Ivory Coast).

source:, 12/02/2008 10:59, Report by Adam Bostock

Monday, 11 February 2008

Egypt win Africa Cup of Nations

Egypt beat Cameroon 1-0 to win the africa Cup of Nations for sixth time in Accra, Ghana yeterday! Two years ago Egypt beat Ivory Coast on penalty shoot-outs in the final. So they have won it now in back to back.
Ghana came third after defeating Ivory Coast 4-2 on saturday.

Fixtures and Results:
Sun 20/01/2008
Ghana 2 Guinea 1

Mon 21/01/2008
Morroco 5 Namibia 1
Sudan 0 Zambia 3
Ivory Coast 1 Nigeria 0

Tue 22/01/2008
Egypt 4 Cameroon 2
Mali 1 Bennin 0

Wed 23/01/2003
Senegal 2 Tunisi 2

Man Utd 1 Man City 2

Man U suffered the first home defeat of the season by going down 2-1.

Stadium: OT

Man U line-up:
Van der Sar

Subs used:
Park for Nani
Carrick for O'shea
Hargreaves for Anderson

Subs not used:

Results: Man U 1 Man City 2 (Carrick, 1-2)

Points: 58

Position: 2nd of 20

Performance Meter: 3/10 (Very Poor)

Next Matches:
February 2008
16 Feb FA Cup United Vs Arsenal 17:15 H
20 Feb UEFA Champions League United Vs Olympique Lyonnais 19:45 A
23 Feb Barclays Premier League United Vs Newcastle 17:15 A
March 2008
01 Mar Barclays Premier League United Vs Fulham 15:00 A
04 Mar UEFA Champions League United Vs Olympique Lyonnais 19:45 H
09 Mar Barclays Premier League United Vs Bolton 13:30 H
15 Mar Barclays Premier League United Vs Derby County 15:00 A
23 Mar Barclays Premier League United Vs Liverpool 13:30 H
30 Mar Barclays Premier League United Vs Aston Villa 13:30 H

MAN UTD GOALS! (As on Sun 10/02/2008 15:45GMT)
Cristiano Ronaldo-Prem:(19) FA Cup:(3) Champ Lg:(5) =27
Carlos Tevez-Prem:(11) FA Cup:(1)Cham Lg:(2) =14
Wayne Rooney-Prem:(6) FA Cup:(1) Champ Lg:(3) =10
Louis Saha-Prem:(4) Champ Lg:(0) =4
Rio Ferdinand:Prem:(2) Champ Lg:(1) =3
Nani-Prem:(2) Champ Lg:(0) =2
Nemanja Vidic-Prem:(2) Champ Lg:(0) =2
Ryan Giggs-Pre:(2) Champ Lge:(0) =2
Gerard Pique- Prem:(0), Champ Lg:(2) =2
Michael Carrick-Prem:(1), FA Cup:(0), Champ Lg:(0)=1

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Wasifu wa Pinda

Waziri Mkuu mteule, Bw. Mizengo Pinda, alizaliwa mwaka 1948 huko Mpanda vijiji mkoa wa Rukwa. Yeye ni mtoto wa mkulima wa kawaida.

Alipata elimu hadi ya Chuo Kikuu cha Dar es Salaam ambako alitunukiwa shahada ya Sheria mwaka 1974.

Baada ya masomo yake alianza kazi kama wakili wa serikali katika Wizara ya Katiba na Sheria kazi aliyoifanya kwa miaka minne.

Baadaye aliitwa Ikulu ambapo alifanya kazi na awamu zote tatu za serikali kuanzia awamu ya kwanza.

Mwaka 1978 hadi 1982, Bw. Pinda alifanya kazi ofisi ya Usalama wa Raia, Ikulu na baadaye akafanya kazi kama Katibu Mnyeka Msaidizi wa Rais, kati ya mwaka 1982 na 1992

Mwaka 1996 alifanya kazi kama Katibu wa Baraza la Mawaziri nafasi aliyoishika hadi mwaka 2000.

Mwaka huo aligombea Ubunge Mpanda na kusinda.

Alizidi kujikita katika nafasi za kisiasa zaidi pale mwaka huo huo wa 2000 alipochaguliwa kuwa Naibu Waziri Ofisi ya Waziri Mkuu (Tawala za Mikoa na Serikali za Mitaa) na mwaka 2006 alichaguliwa kuwa waziri kamili wa wizara hiyo.

* SOURCE: Nipashe, 09 Feb 2008
By Mwandishi Wetu

Pinda Waziri Mkuu

Kikwete amteua Pinda Waziri Mkuu
*Aahidi kupambana na uovu serikalini
*Baraza la Mawaziri kutangazwa Jumatatu

RAIS Jakaya Kikwete amemteua Mbunge wa Mpanda Mashariki, Bw. Mizengo Pinda, kuwa Waziri Mkuu kuchukua nafasi ya Bw. Edward Lowassa, aliyejiuzulu juzi.

Uteuzi huo ulitangazwa jana na Spika wa Bunge, Bw. Samwel Sitta, katika kikao cha jioni na kutoa fursa kwa wabunge kumpigia kura za kumpitisha. Alipitishwa kwa kura 279 kati ya 282 sawa na asilimia 98.9 ambapo moja iliharibika huku mbili zikimkataa.

Mapema kabla ya upigaji kura, Spika kama kawaida alimkaribisha Mwanasheria Mkuu wa Serikali, Bw. Johnson Mwanyika, kutoa hoja ya kutaka kupitishwa kwa Waziri Mkuu mteule.

Kama ilivyotarajiwa, Mwanasheria Mkuu alimsifu Waziri Mkuu mteule kuwa ni mchapakazi, mwadilifu, msikivu, mnyenyekevu na mvumilivu aliyestahili nafasi hiyo.

Naye Waziri Mkuu Mteule, alipopewa nafasi hiyo alimshukuru Rais kwa kumteua na kuahidi kumsaidia katika shughuli zake za kuliongoza Taifa na hasa kusimamia shughuli za Serikali bungeni, lakini kubwa likiwa ni kuzingatia Katiba ya nchi.

Waziri Mkuu wa zamani, Bw. Edward Lowassa alipopewa nafasi ya kuzungumza, alimsifu Bw. Pinda na kusema Rais ameteua mtu anayefanana na Bunge hilo, kutokana na uchapakazi wake usio na kifani.

Msemaji wa kambi ya Upinzani bungeni, Bw. Hamad Rashid Mohammed (CUF), mbali na kumsifia Bw. Pinda alisema ameridhika na uteuzi na kuitaka kambi kumpa ushirikiano mkubwa ili kufanikisha malengo ya Taifa.

"Sisi hatuko hapa kwa lingine bali kuhakikisha matatizo ya wananchi yanamalizika na tukishahakikisha hilo tofauti zetu za kisiasa tutazimaliza," alisema Bw. Hamad na kuongeza kuwa hilo litawezekana kwa kushirikiana na Waziri Mkuu mpya.

Wengine waliopata nafasi ya kuzungumza na kumsifia Waziri Mkuu mteule, ni Mbunge wa Ukerewe, Bibi Getrude Mongella (CCM), Mbunge wa Viti Maalumu, Bibi Anna Abdallah, Mbunge wa Mtera, Bw. John Malecela (CCM) na Mbunge wa Kigoma Kaskazini, Bw. Zitto Kabwe (CHADEMA).

Waziri Mkuu mteule ana elimu ya Chuo Kikuu cha Dar es Salaam, ambako alijiunga mwaka 1971 na kuhitimu mwaka 1974 akipata Shahada ya Kwanza ya Sheria (LLB).

Kati ya mwaka 1974 na mwaka 1978 alikuwa akifanya kazi kama mwanasheria katika Wizara ya Sheria kabla ya kwenda Ikulu mwaka 1978 kuwa Ofisa Usalama wa Ikulu hadi 1982.

Kuanzia mwaka 1982 hadi mwaka 1992 aliteuliwa kuwa Katibu Msaidizi wa Rais chini ya Mwalimu Julius Nyerere na mwaka 1996 hadi mwaka 2000 alikuwa Katibu wa Baraza la Mawaziri.

Waziri Mkuu mteule, Bw. Pinda kuanzia mwaka 2000 hadi 2005 alikuwa Naibu Waziri wa Nchi Ofisi ya Waziri Mkuu, Tawala za Mikoa na Serikali za Mitaa (TAMISEMI).

Mwaka 2006 hadi anateuliwa kuwa Waziri Mkuu, aliteuliwa kuwa Waziri wa Nchi Ofisi ya Waziri Mkuu, TAMISEMI.

Bw. Pinda ana uzoefu mkubwa wa kazi Ikulu, akiwa amefanya kazi kwa miaka saba chini ya Mwalimu Nyerere, miaka 10 na Alhaji Ali Hassan Mwinyi na miaka mingine na Bw. Benjamin Mkapa.

Akishukuru baada ya kupitishwa na Bunge, Bw. Pinda aliahidi kumsaidia Rais kupambana na maovu serikalini na kuomba ushirikiano wa wabunge wamsaidie.

"Kama lengo letu ni kusaidia wananchi na kuleta maisha bora ni kuhakikisha wabunge tunafanya hayo wananchi wanayotarajia tuwafanyie," alisema Waziri Mkuu mteule.

Hatua hiyo sasa inampa fursa Rais Kikwete ya kushauriana na Waziri Mkuu wake mara baada ya kumwapisha, ili kuunda Baraza jipya la Mawaziri ambalo nalo lilivunjwa juzi.

Bw. Pinda anakuwa Waziri Mkuu wa 10 tangu Uhuru akiwa ametanguliwa na
1. marehemu Mwalimu Nyerere,
2. Mzee Rashid Kawawa,
3. Mzee John Malecela,
4. Dkt. Salim Ahmed Salim,
4. Bw. Cleopa Msuya,
5. Bw. Joseph Warioba,
6. marehemu Edward sokoine,
7. Bw. Frederick Sumaye na
8. Bw. Lowassa.
9. ?
10. Mizengo Pinda

Spika wa Bunge, Bw. Sitta aliwatangazia wabunge kuwa Waziri Mkuu mteule ataapishwa leo na Rais Kikwete, Ikulu, Chamwino mjini Dodoma, saa 5 asubuhi.

Pia alisema Baraza la Mawaziri litatangazwa kesho kutwa na kuapishwa Jumatano ijayo. Kwa hali hiyo Bunge liliahirisha shughuli zake hadi Alhamisi.

from: Majira, 09.02.2008 1311 EAT
Na Said Mwishehe

Friday, 8 February 2008

Pongezi kwa Mhe Edward Lowassa

Mimi nasema:
Pamoja na yote yaliyosemwa na kutokea mimi napenda kuchukua njia mbadala (different angle of perspective).
Mheshimiwa Lowassa amefanya la maana sana kuamua kuachia madaraka kwa hiari yake bila shinikizo. Hili ni jambo la kistaarabu, kiungwana na kimaendeleo. Huko ndiko tunatakiwa kwenda na sio vita ya kumwaga damu. Tunapotofautiana au kutokuelewana au kukosea taratibu za kiungwana zinatakiwa kufuatwa na sio ugomvi.
Ni vizuri watanzania tuelewe kuwa kitendo alichofanya mhe Lowassa ni cha kujivunia.
Pia hiki kitendo cha Mhe Lowassa inabidi tukipime kwa mapana na marefu, hasa kutoka kutoka kila pembe kimtazamo.
Ndio, nakubali, amekiuka taratibu lakini kwa upande mwingine ametupa urithi mkubwa watanzania; utamaduni wa kujiuzulu!!
Ameonyesha ujasiri wake sio ktk maneno matupu bali hata ktk kuchukua maamuzi, tena maamuzi mazito na ya kihistoria.
Asante. 08/02/2008

Kutoka gazeti 'majira' 11/02/2008:
Askofu ampongeza Lowassa kujuzulu
ASKOFU wa Kanisa la Kiinjili la Kilutheri Tanzania (KKKT) Dayosisi
ya Dodoma, Dkt. Peter Mwamasika amepongeza kitendo cha
aliyekuwa Waziri Mkuu Bw. Edward Lowassa kujiuzulu na kusema ni cha ujasiri.

Akitoa mahubiri katika ibada ya asubuhi Dodoma jana,
Askofu Mwamasika alisema uamuzi huo haukuwa rahisi na kwamba umeonesha jinsi Bw. Lowassa anavyokumbuka mafundisho ya dini na kumwogopa Mungu.

"Nilidhani zile hisia za Kimasai na Kimeru zingechanganyika na kumfanya aseme siondoki," alisema Askofu Mwamasika na kusababisha kicheko kwa waumini wake.

"Natarajia watakaoteuliwa watamwogopa Mungu kwani watatumia vitabu vitakatifu kuapa," alisema Askofu Mwamasika na kuongeza kwamba watakapokutwa na kashfa watatakiwa kufuata njia iliyooneshwa na Bw. Lowassa.

Askofu Mwamasika alilinganisha uamuzi wa Bw. Lowassa na kinachotokea nchini Kenya hivi sasa na kusema kuwa Tanzania imebarikiwa.

"Wenzetu huko wanakataa na sasa wanaoumia ni watu wa chini, hivi ingekuwa ni Kenya, kisha Bw. Lowassa akasema Wamasai na Wameru ninatakiwa kuondoka, anzeni kazi, pangekalika?" Alihoji Askofu Mwamasika.

Alisema tofauti ya kinachoonekana Kenya, Tanzania makabila yanazungumza kwa utani na wakati mwingine utani huo unazungumzwa katika mambo muhimu.

"Jana wakati wa kumwapisha waziri mkuu mpya, kule Chamwino, niliona mahali wamekaa mawaziri waliopita na baadhi yao walikuwa Wasukuma na Wanyamwezi, walimwambia Dkt. Msabaha (Ibrahim) na Bw. Karamagi (Nazir) kwa utani kwamba, nyinyi mmesababisha tumekuwa si mawaziri tena," alisema Askofu Mwamasika na kuongeza kuwa mazungumzo hayo yalikuwa muhimu lakini yalifanyika katika hali ya utani huku wote waliokuwepo wakicheka.

"Ninakumbuka waliwahi kuja wageni wanne kutoka Kenya, wakajitambulisha kuwa wapo watu watatu na Mkikuyu mmoja," alisema Askofu huyo na kuongeza kwamba kwa mtazamo wao, Mkikuyu anakuwa mtu akiwa ndani ya Kenya tu na kwamba nje nchi hiyo si mtu.

Aliwataka waumini kuliombea Baraza jipya la Mawaziri linalotarajiwa kutangazwa leo ili lisaidie kutekeleza wajibu wao na kuondoa umasikini nchini.

Source: Majira, 11.02.2008 0059 EAT
Na Joseph Lugendo

kutoka gazeti 'majira' 12/02/2008 habari zasema:
... NCCR-Mageuzi imemtetea aliyekuwa Waziri Mkuu, Bw. Lowassa ikisema hakutendewa haki kwa kunyimwa nafasi ya kusikilizwa na Kamati Teule.

Kauli hiyo ilitolewa Dar es Salaam jana na Mwenyekiti wa NCCR-Mageuzi, Bw. James Mbatia, alipozungumza na waandishi wa habari na kueleza kuwa kama angepewa fursa hiyo, mambo mengi yangefichuliwa.

"Kama ningekuwa Rais nisingemkubalia ajiuzulu bila kueleza yale aliyotaka kuyasema," alisema Bw. Mbatia.

Alisema kauli ya Bw. Lowassa bungeni Dodoma, kuwa hakupewa nafasi ya kusikilizwa na Kamati ya Bunge, ilitosha kumwezesha Rais Kikwete, kutomkubalia kujiuzulu ili aweze kusikilizwa.

"Naamini kama angepewa nafasi hiyo angeeleza mambo mengi na sasa hivi tungekuwa tunazungumza mengine," alisema Bw. Mbatia na kuongeza kuwa kauli ya Bw. Lowassa aliyoitoa bungeni kwamba maneno ya mitaani yakianza kusikilizwa ndani ya chombo hicho, hakuna atakayebaki, inabeba ujumbe mzito na ni wosia mzito kwetu," alisisitiza Bw. Mbatia.

Kuhusu ripoti ya Richmond alisema yaliyojitokeza katika mkataba huo ni sawa na tone la maji ndani ya bahari. Alitolewa mfano mkataba wa IPTL na kusema Watanzania wanabebeshwa mzigo wa kulipa sh. bilioni 3.6 kwa mwezi hata kama umeme haukuzalishwa.

Alisema wanachotaka Watanzania ni kuona fedha zilizochotwa kutoka Akaunti ya Madeni ya Nje (EPA) zinarejeshwa na mikataba kama ya IPTL inavunjwa. Alitaja mambo mengine yaliyojificha kuwa ni ununuzi wa ndege ya rais na rada.

Katika hatua nyingine Bw. Mbatia alielezea kushangazwa kwake na jinsi wabunge walivyokuwa wakichangia ripoti ya Richmond kwa ushabiki.
"Nimeshangaa kuona lugha za kishabiki na jazba zinatolewa na wabunge," alisema Bw. Mbatia.

Source: majira, 12/02/2008
Na Reuben Kagaruki
Mtaa wa Lugoda, Eneo la Gerezani, Simu:2118381,2119893 Faksi:2128640, 2118382

Richmondgate: Hotuba ya Mhe Edward Lowassa

Hotuba ya Lowassa
"Mheshimiwa Spika, kwanza napenda kuchukua nafasi hii kukushukuru sana kwa kunifanya msemaji wa kwanza katika hoja hii.

Lakini la pili, nimpongeze Dk. Harrison Mkwakyembe, Mwenyekiti wa kamati Teule kwa kuwasilisha kwa mbwembwe nyingi sana taarifa yake, mbwembwe zilikuwa nzuri kweli.

Kwa kazi nzuri kwa maoni yao, wamewasilisha vizuri. Lakini nimesimama kuweka kwenye kumbukumbu kutoridhika kwangu na jinsi kazi hiyo ilivyofanywa. Mheshimiwa Dk. Mwakyembe ni Mwanasheria, tena Daktari alikuwa anafundisha Chuo Kikuu. Moja ya vitu alivyokuwa anafundisha ni "Natural Justice".
Mheshimiwa Spika, wewe ni Mwanasheria unafahamu suala la Natural Justice. Kwamba Kamati Teule imesikiliza watu wengine wote pamoja na wanaoita minong'ono ya mitaani, wamesafiri mpaka Marekani kutafuta mashahidi, lakini mimi ambaye ni mmoja kati ya watuhumiwa mle hawakunihoji hata siku moja.
Mheshimiwa Spika, nimesimama kueleza masikitiko yangu. Ofisi ya Bunge mpaka ofisini kwangu hata kama wangeniita ningekwenda kwa miguu kama hamna gari na nilikuwa tayari kufanya hivyo.

Hawa ni watu makini sana siwezi kuamini kwamba wanaweza wakafanya oversite kama hiyo. Kwa sababu katika kila hoja walizojenga wamesema Waziri Mkuu ilikuwa hivi. Kulikuwa na shida gani kuja kuniuliza Waziri Mkuu wanasema uliotoa dokezo hili ni sawa sawa kweli? Kulikuwa na shida gani kwa mfano kufuata utaratibu wa Westminster kuthibitisha hapo unaposema mwenye Richmond ni fulani uka-lay on the table records na ushahidi kuwa ni fulani.

Mheshimiwa Spika, Taifa letu ni Taifa changa, lakini chombo hiki ndiyo mahali pa demokrasia pakubwa katika nchi pote, hapa ndipo penyewe. Kama katika chombo hiki haki haitaonekana kutendeka nchi yetu haitakwenda vizuri. Hapa ndipo tunategemea tuwaonyeshe umakini wetu, umahiri wetu katika mambo ya demokrasia. Kwa nhiyo nilichofanyiwa napenda kuweka kumbukumbu sawa kwamba naona si sahihi, nimefadhaika sana, nimedhalilishwa sana, nimeonewa sana katika hili.
Maana zimechukuliwa tuhuma zikaelezwa hapa kwamba hivi ndivyo ilivyo. Mimi sijauliza. Kulikuwa na shida gani kuniuliza, kwa nini muamini minong'ono ya mitaani kuliko maelezo yangu. Sisi wote hapa ni wanasiasa tukianza kuamini minong'ono ya mitaani niambieni mwanasiasa atakayesimama. Hatuwezi, Tume imepewa muda wa kutosha lakini inashindwa kumuona mtu ambaye wanamtuhumu na wanamsema kwa kirefu sana.

Mheshimiwa Spika, lakini hata pale uliponinong'oneza ukaniambia una ushahidi wowote? Nilikupa ushahidi huo wa maandishi. Katika taarifa yao hakuna hata moja ya ushahidi ambao umetoka Waziri Mkuu. Kile kitabu cha majedwali kimejaa majedwali mengi pamoja na magazeti mpaka ya Udaku lakini maelezo ya Waziri Mkuu hakuna hata moja.

Mheshimiwa Spika, naamini ingekuwa ni heshima wangeiweka halafu wakasema tunakataa kitambulisho hiki kwa sababu hii na hii, hiyo ndiyo imejengwa hoja. Lakini kujenga hoja na kuja hapa Bungeni tunahutubia nchi nzima na kusema Waziri Mkuu amefanya hiki, amefanya hiki bila ya kumsikiliza nachelea kuuliza hivi mtu wa chini itakuwaje?

Mheshimiwa Spika, lakini nimetafakari kwa makini sana jambo hili nikajiuliza hivi kulikoni mpaka watu wazima wenye uwezo wao, watu maarufu wenye heshima zao, mpaka wafike mahali waache jambo la msingi kama hilo kulikoni? Mimi nadhani there is a wish which I am going to grant, ni Uwaziri Mkuu. Nadhani tatizo ni Uwaziri Mkuu. Kwamba ionekane Waziri Mkuu ndio amefanya haya, tumuondolee heshima au tumwajibishe.

Mheshimiwa Spika, nimetafakari kwa niaba ya chama changu, kwa niaba ya Serikali yangu nimeamua kumwandikia Rais barua ya kumwomba niachie ngazi. Nafanya hivyo kwa moyo mweupe kabisa ili kuonyesha dhana ya uwajibikaji lakini kutokubaliana na utaratibu uliotumika kusema uongo ndani ya Bunge wa kumsingizia mtu.

Mheshimiwa Spika, nitumie nafasi hii kumshukuru sana Rais kwa heshima aliyonipa ya kutumikia nchi hii kwa Uwaziri Mkuu kwa miaka miwili.
Namshukuru sana Mheshimiwa Rais.

Nakushukuru wewe, nawashukuru Mawaziri na Manaibu Waziri, nawshukuru Waheshimiwa Wabunge na wanachama wa CCM tuliyosimamia Ilani ya Uchaguzi ya Chama cha Mapinduzi.

Mheshimiwa Spika, baada ya kusema hayo nashukuru".

source: ujumbe pepe kutoka jambo-forums(jf)

Mimi nasema:
Pamoja na vielelezo vyote vilivyopatikana na kumweka mhe Edward Lowassa hatiani, bado anabaki na haki yake ya msingi ya kujitetea. Kamati imekosea kwa kutomsikiliza mhe Lowassa.
Hii ni kasoro kubwa kisheria, ni vizuri tusiirudie tene Tanzania.
Haki ni kwa kila MTU!