Friday, 24 April 2009

Enough is enough: Reginald shows the way

IPP Limited Executive Chairman Reginald Mengi:

``Our country is currently facing a huge problem of corruption and is troubled by the fact that the people involved in acts of corruption do not what to be touched.

``The great efforts of His Excellency the President to hasten economic development and better living for every Tanzanian are weakened by the horrendous theft of national resources.

A great majority of Tanzanians still face extreme poverty; they are unable to determine where the one meal a day is going to come from.

``I would like to conclude by saying that all corrupt people and especially those who are being accused of notorious corruption must be dealt with conclusively, otherwise they will rock the stability of our nation. We must realise that we have now reached the stage when we must say enough is enough.``

SOURCE: Guardian, 2009-04-24 12:52:23
By Patrick Kisembo

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