Friday, 9 January 2009

Classmates: Yvonne Ketang'enyi

It is not always easy to explain how happy someone feels when he/she meets with old friends, especially after missing each other for more than 12 years. This is what have happened to me today. I lost words after seeing a message from one old friend, a classmate and a sister because we are both ex-MAUSO* members!

I am very glad to hear a word from our very own Yvonne after all those years since we parted each other at Ardhi Institute.

A few years ago I heard that she went to study in China. But now she in US, happily married and pursuing further studies in Architecture (This is GOOD NEWS)! Tell us Yvonne, how is it like there at Uni (CUA, School of Architecture an Planning) -no more Tee-squares and A0 drawing boards? Do you remember those traditional baskets (vikapu) we used to carry containing drawing equipment, do you still use them there?

Congratulations and thank you very much. I wish you all the best.

Send my regards to Shemeji na Watoto.

-Mosonga Raphael

Yvonne's Note:

Hi guys,I was so glad to find this posting, and th... Hi guys,

I was so glad to find this posting, and thank you Raphael for putting this out.

So much has happened in all the years, and it's nice to simply touch base with all my old friends.

I am working as an Architect/Project Manager in the Washington DC metro area, and also currently pursuing a Master in City and Regional Planning at The Catholic University of America, here in the DC area. I am married, with two sons, Kevin Mwita (5) and Eric Chacha (2).

Please stay in touch.
Yvonne Ketang'enyi Matinyi

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*MAUSO - Mara Ukerewe Students Organisation.

This organisation brought together students from neighbouring areas of Mara region and Ukerewe district. There were other student organisations hailing from different geograhical regions of Tanzania, e.g. eastern, northern,southern etc. Even students from outside the country (foreign students) had their own organisations!

However, these organisations were purely cultural and did not reflect seggregations or divisions of any kind! Students from other organisations were strongly encouraged to attend and enjoy themselves the cultural richness displayed by students from another part of the country!

Yvonne Ketang'enyi Matinyi said...

Hi Mosonga,

It is a great joy to hear from you. I am fine and so is my family. I do remember mauso...and the good old days at school;-)

I did go to China for my Graduate studies (Master in Management Science & Engineering - 2001). And presently at CUA (from 2008), thinmgs are T-squares, some sketching and photography, lots of presentations and hi-tech:-).

What about you? Are you registered? Married? Kids? Where? Write soon and stay Blessed.


Hi Yvonne!
Thank you very much for your quick reply. I am fine.
You asked important questions, so let me deal with them straightaway!

Q: What about you? Are you registered?
A: I didn't carry on with architecture (as you know in our country chances are limited), so I am doing other things to earn a living apart from practising architecture.

Q: Where?
A: I am based in Dar, self-employed.

Q: Are you Married? Kids?
A: I am married and have one daughter (Tezzi), 7.

Finally, send my kind regards to Shemeji, sons -Kevin M. and Erick C.
Hope to hear from you soon,