Friday, 2 January 2009

Postcodes: Alternative views

This is the personal view from the reader.

The complexity of the UK postcode system has sent ... The complexity of the UK postcode system has sent the Irish Government and its advisors around in circles for 4 years now trying to devise a Post Code for Ireland that fills all the gaps and ticks all the boxes. Nothing has been agreed yet and probably will not for quite some time. However, there are those who say that for sorting letters a PostCode is no longer required as OCR and a good address database will do the job. However, the more significant requirement for a Code nowadays is for navigation and routing (Logistics and Emergency services etc)

The fact that with postal deregulation in Europe including in Ireland commenicing in 2009, mail delivery will be done by courier type opeartions with a larger need for routing than actual sorting also increases the need for a dedicated code. It is for this reason that a navigation Code has now been published in Ireland - referred to as PON Codes;- they express a location geographically to an accuracy of +/- 6 meters and can be determined by anyone for anywhere..... see for more details. PON Codes have been tested by Garmin and GPS Ireland intends releasing a full version of the system early in 2009.
The PON Code system can already be used in Northern Ireland - eliminating the problems arising with the Royal Mail system in Fermanagh as mentioned in your article. PON Codes can be customised for any country.
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