Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Goodbye Goodluck!

Recently I received sad news that my friend and class mate Goodluck Malle has passed away and was laid to rest on May 02, 2011.

He was my close friend whom we shared some jokes. For example the term NAACHO - a result of a night of jokes in a bus during our study tour in Moshi Kilimanjaro. That night the late Goodluck, Joseph Ringo and MNEC CCM E. Sannda made the whole class laugh forgeting the cold weathe of Moshi Town, that is when the word NAACHO started. We continued joking NAACHO everytime we met in the corridors of 'A wing' High Cost building where Goodluck was living Room No. 15. I used to live in Wing B. He used to help in whenever I faced difficulties academically.

One time Goodluck attempted to STOP Smoking for several months, but finally he gave up and told me that he has failed his attempt to quit cigarrets! He used to smoke Embassy or SM! He used to joke that the effect of lung cancer is minimal as it might take someone's period of lifetime to show up any symptoms!!!

It is even sad that he has gone without saying goodbye to most of his friends including me. I will always remember him for his contribution to everyone around him because he never hesitated to listen to any call!

Goodbye, NAACHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(PS: I have writen this in a great hurry - in Mby Town)

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