Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Beautiful Britain!

What can I say abaout Great Britain? Nothing except praises, really!!

This is an island which, while you are there, you can not easily experience its small size! You might think that it is a big country or continent! Sometimes people think Britain is a place filled with houses and industrial parks - no green fields, open spaces etc. It is when you get there that you realise how it looks like! Just imagine the distance from Southampton or Penzance to Newcastle! You just travel long distances exchanging one motorway to another for almost the whole day! Along the way you experience the beauty and spectacular scenes of Britain, not to mention some thick forests like those of the Chilterns, Costwold, lake District, River Thames and its valley spanning almost the whole width of this Island!

What about London! Maida Vale Avenue (my smartest/cleanest street in London!) I walked along this street one day and wondered its beauty - wide road, good street planning etc! Hyde Park, the Serpent and long water views are the sceneries to remember. Exhibition Road, Cromwell Road, Piccadilly Circus, Westminster (Parliament Square and St Margreth Church/Westminster Abbey), MillBank, South Bank, Parliament View Apartments, the London Eye etc. are places attacted me most among others.

Underground London Trains (tubes) caught my eyes a great deal! The Wembley Stadium (Brent Borough Council, postcode: HA) and The Emirates (Arsenal FC home Ground) (Islington Borough Council famousily known by its first half of its postcode as N5) are places you should visit while you are in London.

How can I forget such days as those of Euro 2008 qualifiers; England v. Russia 3-0, England v. Israel 3-0, England v. Estonia 3-0, and friendlies like England v. German 1-2, Chelsea v. Man United 1 Marluda (0)-1 Giggs(3) with United winning on pens., the Community Shield March. All of these matches were played on the new Wembley Stadium! And just imagine you being among 90,000-plus fans watching these matches while sitting on the red seats of Wembley! Premier League games and Coca Cola championship matches involving for example Crystal Palace, Watford, Newcastle united, Aston Villa, Liverpool, Man United, Man City (seeing the rising stars like Joe Hart of Man City), Reading FC. and Rubgy matches like the likes of the London Irish, Sales. Concerts at Wembley of Diana 10 years and Earth Concert where P Diddy performed live. I had a priviledge to watch Sir Elton John's show at Madejski Stadium in Reading the other night.

I support England National (Football) team and Manchester United is the Club I support.


Since I left UK, I am still filled with good memories about this wonderful Island! I remember my friends from differnt corners of the world, for example Javier of Equador; Maurice, Iza, Zuzan from Poland; Space from Macedonia; Amur from Darfur Sudan; Mammadou Ba, Idrisou, Mohammed all from Gambia; B Coe of Berks, the Midwinter's family of Tilehurst, Tim of Woodcote, South Oxfordshire, England; Tiz from Torino Italy, my friends at High Wycombe (Buckinghamshire).

Special thanks and regards are due to this lovely family: Lameck, Rapha (Battle Primary School)and Dr. Ezra Chomete and Suzi) of Shaftesbury Rd, Berks.

God Bless you all incling those whom I haven't mentioned their names here! You were wonderful and made me always feel at home in the UK.

Thank you, again!!!

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